Thursday, December 19, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

WADALA-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 19, 2013: Shelter Don Bosco celebrated YaR day on 20th Nov for the children of 15 NGOs. There were 210 children and 20 staff who part took in the event. The theme of the YaR day was to love and care. The program began with prayer song and lighting of candles. The candles were lit by the representatives of each NGOs. After that Mr. Hanumanta gawde, one of the staff members of the shelter welcomed the gathering.

The chief guest for this program was Mr. Pravin Damble who addressed the children with his inspiring and motivating words. After this, Fr. Jesu Robinson, the coordinator of shelter thanked the chief guest and all the other NGOs for accepting the invitation and for their constant support. There were lively games which were animated for the children which were filled with lots of fun and entertainment.

Once the games were over the children were introduced to the theme for the YaR day and were made aware about various policies which favor the rights of the children. There was some recreation time which was fruitfully used by the children by dancing and showing various stunts.

The talent show which was the attraction of the event began at 2:00 pm. The judges for the talent show were Mr. milind and miss. Grace John. There were two participants from each NGOs. The talent show involved dance, singing and some stunts which were performed by the children. The children through their various performances gave the impression that they had really put hard work in giving such an excellent performance.

The program concluded by giving away of the prizes for the talent show and for the animated games. At the end, Fr. Robinson thanked the gathering for their cooperation and participation. He also thanked all the people who made this event possible and successful. The floor was open for all those children who wanted to dance. The program concluded at 5:00 pm. 

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