Monday, December 30, 2013


by Bento D'Souza

PUNE-MAHARASHTRA, DECEMBER 30, 2013: On 27th December 2013, a seminar on 'avatar and incarnation' was held at Snehasadan, Pune, hosted by Fr. Chakranarayan, the Director of Snehasadan. Fifty plus people, academics, scholars and invited guests attended it through the day. Among those in the audience were the Jesuit Provincial, Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare, and the Rector of JDV, Ramwadi, Pune among others.
Deha Dharan, Tanu Dharan (Incarnation) and avatara (manifestation of the Lord) was the main theme and topic of the deliberations of the august seminar. Professor Abhay Tilak, a relative of Vaman Tilak spoke on Avatar in Hinduism, and Professor Nelson Falcao, Ph.D. spoke on Incarnation in Christianity. 

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