Friday, January 10, 2014


by Ian Lemos

AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 10, 2014: Amidst the hustle and bustle in the air on Christmas Eve, there was a gathering of all the military officers (over 70 officers) at Ahmednagar. Brigadier Joydeep Bhatti (In-charge of the military cantonment of Ahmednagar) was also present for the same. Fr. Rolvin D'Mello was called to give a Christmas message for all present; he spoke on the topic of peace.
He elaborated on how the world is fragmented today due to various causes and this fragmentation has reached even to the level of families and individual self. Thus each one of us stands in need of peace and Jesus precisely came to this earth to give us peace – since he is the prince of peace. His talk was well appreciated by all the officers.
Fr. Thomas D'Costa also graced the occasion with his presence along with the choir group from St. Anne's church. Fr. Rolvin narrated the story of the birth of Jesus and the choir sang carols in English, Hindi and Marathi between the narrations. The military officers presented the guests with some Christmas gifts. The programme ended with refreshments, during which the officers interacted with the priests and the group from St. Anne's Church.

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