Wednesday, January 15, 2014


by BIS correspondent

DADRA AND NAGAR HAVELI, JANUARY 15, 2014: The youth of St. Dominic Savio, Wadala (E) made their way into the missions at Dadra and Nagar Haveli on 12th January 2014. It is the recent mission centre adopted by the Salesians of Mumbai Province where the Don Bosco Shelti Mission Centre runs a primary school, a parish and a boys hostel for the Warli Tribals.
 After reflecting on how to reach out to the needy this Christmas, the youth decided to help the missions. The youth group raised funds and also asked the parishoners for other articles that would be of use to the villagers. At Don Bosco Shelti it was a blessing to meet the parish youth, interact with villagers, celebrate the Eucharist in a lovely church which has the essence of a tribal culture, to know the life of Warli tribals, to interact with a professional warli artist who does warli paintings that depict the life of Warli's and most of all to know a new way of life in one day.
It was also interesting to know how the church structure, the altar set-up and the faith of the community in the catholic church was so beautifully adapted in the Warli culture. For many of the youth this was the first kind of exposure to a tribal village. They realized that there was so much to learn and contribute in the missions. It was an eye opener. The youth have decided to venture more into the missions and make contributions in their own unique ways.
A special thanks to Fr. Augustine and Fr. Rickson for welcoming and helping the youth reflect on the life in the missions, the Warli Community for being generous and kind to them and making them feel at home. It was indeed a Mission Sunday for the youth of St. Dominic Savio, one of them rightly stated 'we would encourage many youth to make their each Sunday a mission Sunday, the way we experienced at Don Bosco Shelti. A day spent at Shelti changed our attitude towards life and we look forward for many more…as we keeping shouting our slogan  – "Back to the Missions- each Sunday is a Mission Sunday".' 

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