Wednesday, January 22, 2014


by BIS correspondent

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, JANUARY 21, 2014: Divyadaan, Salesian institute of Philosophy, Nashik commemorated the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda with the philosophical symposium on Vivekananda on 18th January 2014. The closing of the curtain of the birth anniversary of the Indian philosopher around the world unveiled his concepts and ideas to the budding philosophers of the institute. The first year students of the master degree course in philosophy (M.PH) hosted the symposium on Swami Vivekananda under the title "Arise, Awake and Stop not Till the Goal is Achieved", taking his own words.
Present were the students and staff of Divyadaan and other religious in and around Nashik city. There were also members from Sri Rama Chandra Mission of Nashik who participated and voiced out their opinion about the philosophical symposium.
The event began with the prayer service followed by the elaboration of the theme of the Symposium and a brief sketch about the life of Vivekananda. Among his various philosophical contributions three main themes were delivered by the M.Ph brothers namely The Practical Vedanta of Vivekananda, His Philosophy of Education and His Concept of East meeting the West. The first talk was primarily about the monistic idea of the reality and yet it also explained the idea of unity of religions according to Vivekananda which could be an eye-opening for many as he is perceived only as a propagator Hinduism. The second talk enumerated his outlook on the different aspects of Indian educational system with its pros and cons and the suggestions for the progress in education incorporating some aspects of the western world. The third talk depicts the meeting point of the occident and orient world with reference to the various aspects.
After the talks the active participation of the audience enriched the message of the symposium. The philosophical ideas of Vivekananda were analyzed in different contexts like in the 21st century and in Christian and Salesian educative method. A member from Sri Rama Chandra mission appreciated this venture "It is amazing to see young people taking interest in learning about Vivekananda who has message for the youth of India." 

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