Monday, January 27, 2014


by BIS correspondent

BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 27, 2014: Christian Unity octave is traditionally celebrated between 18th & 25th January every year. It was because of the Bishop of Nashik, Daniel Lourdes that this event is held at Ahmednagar.
Fr. Nelson Falcao took the initiative to host a service in honour of the unity of all christian denominations in Ahmednagar. The event was held on 25th January 2014 at the Sisal Handicraft Board and fifty pastors and people from all the churches in Ahmednagar participated. "That all be one", "Unity as the soul of  diversity" was the common thread that ran through the celebration as Pastors read a Bible passage that focused on peace and then prayed for peace in the world among those of various churches.
Rev. C.V. Ujjagare and Pastor Chakranarayan set the ball rolling with their introductions and call for prayer for unity among all.  The other Pastors and Ministers, who chipped in with messages and prayers, were C.V Ujjagare, Sunil Gangavane, C.H. Bhambal, S.D. Naik, Prakash Balal, M.S. Padgale, Paul Dethe, Sanjay Pardhe, Baiju Salve, Kiran Pawar, Raju Dhette, Jayant Tribhuvan. They participated and found it particularly relevant especially when the Church's prime Property of the American Mission, the Clara Bruce ground is sold to Builder Mutha who is claiming possession of the same property.
The whole group went away convinced that no matter what our real life circumstance are, prayers always win battles.

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