Tuesday, January 28, 2014


by Myra D’souza

KUWAIT, JANUARY 28, 2014: The second session in the ongoing preparation of the children who will be receiving their First Holy Communion this April was held on 20th and 21st January 2014. While it was mandated for at least one parent to accompany their child for this special Eucharistic celebration, it was most edifying to see both parents present even though it was a working day.
Fr. Franco Pereira Sdb gave a brief and enlightening catechises on the meaning of the different parts of the Holy Mass as well as the importance of the Holy Eucharist. It was imperative he said for the parents to walk with their children in the faith as their primary teachers and guide.
Fr. Franco reminded the parents of the important role they play in the faith formation of their children, as primary witnesses of the faith in the home. Children emulate their parents – if spiritual matters are given priority at home, the children will learn to do the same, as they grow older. Family prayer, bible reading, as well as reading the lives of the saints ought to be part of daily family life.
At the end of the Eucharistic celebration, the parents who attended this event said that they found it enriching and meaningful. One of the parents said that as father explained the meaning and importance of the Holy Mass and the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist she found herself recalling everything she herself had learnt in her catechism class. 
Fr. Franco concluded the service by reiterating that blessings are abundant with this Sacrament – the child receiving the Sacrament is blessed as an individual as also is the entire family and the faith community at large. Everyone who attended this Eucharistic celebration found it illuminating and enriching as they were reminded anew of the beauty of this Sacrament.

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