Saturday, February 1, 2014


by BIS correspondent

BORIVALI–MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 1, 2014: St. Don Bosco often said that, “An institution without music is like a body without a soul.” How true! A singing competition enlivened the atmosphere of Don Bosco High School – Borivali on the 24th January, 2014.
The budding rock stars enchanted the audience with their melodious singing, and greatly impressed the distinguished judges. From classic and peppy English songs to latest chart busters from Bollywood, the performers as well as the audience enjoyed every moment. The boys showcased their talents in solo, as well as duets and group singing.
Accompanying the melody of the singers was the catchy and rhythmic karaoke. The band too, complimented the singers with their live-wire performances.
The programme was an event to remember, the singers struck a chord  in the hearts of all those present.

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