Tuesday, February 11, 2014


by BIS correspondent

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 11, 2014: Having spent twelve long years in Don Bosco High School, Borivli, it was indeed very difficult for the management and the teachers, as well as the students, to say a good bye to a hundred and eight boys of the tenth standard. 
A very interesting program was organized for the boys by the ninth standard students and the teachers. The assembly began with a prayer service invoking the blessings of the Almighty on the gathered members and especially on the boys. This was followed by some foot tapping dance performances, a power point presentation that took them through a journey from their kindergarten days to the final years of SSC. It was fun to see these tiny innocent tots transform into mature, understanding and handsome young boys. Father Rector, in his address, emphasized the importance of technology in today’s world and the need to keep up with the advancement in the world around.
Two boys represented their classes and shared their thoughts through their thanksgiving speeches that touched the hearts of all.
The icing on the cake was a surprise quiz for the boys. The questions put up in the quiz had a fun element to it. They were all based on the things that the boys supposedly knew about their school. It was nice to see them struggling to answer simple questions like the number of potted plants outside their own classrooms, and the teacher with maximum years of experience to their credit.

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