Friday, February 14, 2014


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 14, 2014: Toys are necessary tools that facilitate foster the mental, physical, emotional and social development of children. Toys are basic instruments for development of children’s fantasy thoughts and creativity.
A Value education program on TOYS was organized by Ms. Archana, class teacher of Pre- Preparatory”A” on 11th February 2014. Total of 40 students from class Pre- preparatory “A” participated in the dance, skit, pledge and message procession. The value portrayed through this program was: Sharing Is Caring.
The primary objective of the program was to imbibe the value of sharing. It also reflected the value of tolerance, obedience, sympathy. Knowledge about selecting an electronic toy was also reflected through robot dance. Students willingly collected their old toys and presented them to the Principal to be distributed among underprivileged children.
Parents and teachers along with the students enjoyed the program and witnessed the values being practically drilled into the minds of students. Message procession was the novel idea brought in for the first time in the value education program. The Principal along with the supervisor admired and appreciated the program.

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