Friday, February 21, 2014


by Premila Lewis

KUWAIT, February 21, 2014: The clock is ticking and the children of St Therese Church Kuwait are well on the road to being Confirmed. Two special masses were planned for the confirmation candidates along with the parents for the year 2013 – 2014. One special mass was held in November and the theme was – Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The second special mass was held on Tuesday, 11 February 2014.
It was well attended by over 63 enthusiastic children along with their parents. Fr. Franco Pereira was the main celebrant and encouraged the children throughout the service to pursue their relationship with Jesus even after they receive the sacrament of Confirmation.
In his homily, Fr. Franco took the children through the elements of the Sacrament, its significance and its importance. He reiterated that these children are now actually young adults receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation where they individually profess their faith and are anointed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. By receiving this sacrament they accept responsibility to be “soldiers of Christ” tasked with serving the church and the community. Amber Correia, a candidate preparing for the sacrament of confirmation, was inspired by the homily. When asked about the mass, she replied, “The sermon was very informative. I got a deeper understanding of the works of the Holy spirit and the role we can play in the local church.” The catechists too found the sermon very inspiring. “The homily was very enlightening,” remarked Philomena Fernandes, a catechism teacher. “It opened our hearts and minds to the words of the father and the gifts of the Holy spirit.”
All in all, it was a beautiful service and the children left feeling charged and ready to prepare themselves just a little more before they receive this special sacrament.

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