Saturday, February 15, 2014


by Bento D’Souza

RATHADGAON-BHINAGAR, FEBRUARY 14, 2014: On 13th February, the people of Rathadgaon assembled at St. Sebastian’s Chapel to take part in the healing prayer service conducted by the Tabor Fathers, the Vincentian priest Fr. Jameson Thomas and his team of Sisters and helpers.
People for the neighbouring villages as well took part in the Arogyadanacha prathana with all enthusiasm. Considering that this village had been closed down and the people neglected, the rise of fervour and devotion due to the baptisms in the village was a healthy sign that the people here treasure Prayer and the Word of God.
Songs led by Ida Ephrem, preaching by Fr. Jameson Thomas, testimony of Sr. Little Rose on faith as tiny as a mustard seed, healing prayer and anointing of all those present brought about renewal & peace. The light of Christ has spread in this little hamlet, what began in the pilgrimage to Goa has fructified in their baptisms and now through healing prayer service. May God work in the lives of these people.

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