Monday, March 31, 2014


by Lloyd Nunes & Marina D’Costa

NAGPUR, MARCH 30, 2014: Fr. Dominic Lisboa, the parish priest of Our Lady of Fatima Church, Jaitala – Nagpur organised a formation course for the youth group and a Lenten retreat for the parishioners on the weekend of 29-30 March. Fr. Cleophas Braganza along with Lloyd Nunes and Marina D’Costa from DBYS Mumbai were the resource persons for these events.

On Saturday, March 29, after the evening mass, the youth gathered together for a session.  While mentioning their personal expectations regarding the youth group, they also discussed the attitudes and behaviours they would like to see from their parish priest, the youth animator (priest/sister), pastoral council members and their own leaders. The principles of Salesian Youth Spirituality as well as the four human dimensions which should be part of a holistic youth experience were explained and discussed.

The youth gathered once again on Sunday, March 30 at 9am to continue their formation. They outlined the activities and methods of working that they had been pursuing to this day, mentioning both their positive experiences and the drawbacks. Marina and Lloyd conducted sessions that enabled them in setting goals and objectives, planning the yearly programme, developing leadership skills, resolving conflicts through dialogue, fund-raising and strengthening the youth group. The youth were very dynamic and participated whole-heartedly. It was clear that they were interested in working towards empowering and enriching the lives of one another.

At the same time, the other parishioners participated in a Lenten retreat in the church itself. Fr. Braganza explained the meaning of Lent, helping them understand that prayer, fasting and almsgiving should contribute to developing a deeper sense of Christian discipleship. They reflected on the parable of the Prodigal Son, before watching a video on the Stations of the Cross prepared by the Raipur diocese.

All the participants assembled together for a concluding Eucharist at 3:30 pm. It was a memorable experience for all present, and they went back with plenty of food for thought. Hopefully they will be able to reflect on what they learnt, take decisions, and implement them in order to contribute to the development of the parish and the youth group.


by Marina D’Costa

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, MARCH 31, 2014: Don Bosco Youth Services organized a forum entitled “Youth For Human Rights – Knowing it, Living it” for students and young professionals, with the support of Pax Romana ICMICA. Fr. Cedric Prakash, a Jesuit priest and human rights activist from Gujarat was the resource person. The aim of the event was to awaken youth to issues on Human Rights and to capacitate them to know their rights, and at the same time stand up for the rights of others, especially the marginalized. 

The event began with a moment of prayer, followed by an introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through videos on some articles. Fr. Cedric then spoke about specific human rights issues in India and narrated real experiences including those of the abuse of the personal dignity and land rights of women, dalits, adivasis and other vulnerable groups, often with the collusion of powerful persons coupled with inhuman disinterest on the part of the authorities. Placing human rights in the context of the Bible, he showed how Jesus stood up for the rights of people. He mentioned that the Church’s teachings support the implementation of human rights, justice and peace for all. 

However, many of us aren’t sufficiently aware of the social reality and the political scenario of the country, while taking our constitutional rights for granted. He therefore enlightened the youth on how they could do social analysis, learn the basics of law, take up issues on human rights, build solidarity with other groups and individuals, learn from them and work towards a cause beginning with our own communities. The youth engaged Fr. Cedric with questions that disturbed them or made them curious. Towards the end of the session, they came up with a concrete plan of action that included exposure visits to sensitize youth on human rights, training, discussion meetings, campaigns and outreach on human rights, networking with other organizations. They also felt that resource mobilization to promote works on human rights, taking up issues that are of daily concern, forming groups to promote human rights in parishes are important.

The participants believed that each one can make a difference, no matter how humble the beginnings. There is a need for similar events, since knowing human rights is part of life and not a choice. As the youth concluded with a few songs, they resolved to carry on working to spread awareness about human rights and to build up momentum in other areas too.


by Cl. Aristo Andrat

KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT, MARCH 31, 2014: “Come to me and I will give you rest.” Keeping these words of Jesus in mind, the aspirants kept aside all their studies and daily work and spent some time with the Lord as they made their 3-days retreat from March 26-28, at Don Bosco Kapadvanj. Fr. McEnroe Lopes, the administrator of St. Dominic Savio Church, Wadala East, was the retreat preacher, who led all the aspirants on the journey to discover their true self, to experience the love of God and deepen their relationship with Him.

During the 3-day retreat, Fr. Lopes dealt with various topics to help the aspirants know God, oneself and  others. On the first day he invited them to reflect on ‘Self’: how each one is precious to God and how each one is gifted with different talents to bring about glory of God. Thereafter, he spoke about the unconditional love of God. On the second day, he helped the aspirants to reflect on the aspects of the Call and vocation to religious life: on how God calls each one of us in a unique way. He told them to contemplate on the call of the apostles and the prophets. He also explained to them the vocation to religious life.

On the following day, he led the aspirants to ponder on Don Bosco and his spirituality by citing various examples from the life of Don Bosco. Lastly, he spoke about the importance of the sacrament of reconciliation and prepared them for an encounter with God in this Sacrament. Fr. Lopes presented all his talks with the help of media and also gave some bible references for their personal reflection and prayer. The aspirants also had a wonderful experience as they reflected on the passion and death of Jesus through the way of the cross.

Indeed this retreat was a spirit-filled experience for the aspirants as some of them shared their testimonies as to how this retreat has made them become aware of God’s love and care for each one of us. This retreat has also helped them to look closer at their vocation as to what God wants of them. Indeed it was nice to see all the aspirants spending their time in prayer and reflection trying to discover the will of God for them.

Friday, March 28, 2014


by Angel Abraham

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, MARCH 28, 2014: On March 27, at five in the evening, Fr. Cleophas Braganza sdb, introduced the Coursera course and explained its significance on online distance education in the presence of Fr. Elson Barretto the Economer and acting Provincial of the Mumbai Salesian Province, and other Salesian religious present in Youth Services office. Fr. Barretto then prayed over the new project taken up by the development office headed by Fr. Savio Silveira sdb in collaboration with the Directors of Don Bosco Youth Services.
Few of the priests proceeded to explore the various courses offered by the site. They recognized the value and easy accessibility which would help not only the youth but everyone who wished to do a course in a stipulated period of time. This initiative was brought out to encourage everyone interested in educating themselves and gaining knowledge through certified courses right from arts, sciences, law, social sciences, languages, psychology and many more.
This initiative was well appreciated by all the Salesian priests and the youth present who believed in the brighter and knowledgeable future of those wiling.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


by Fr. Cleophas Braganza sdb

ANS–ROME, MARCH 25, 2014: The 27th General Chapter has elected Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, Provincial of Argentina South, as tenth Successor of Don Bosco. The election took place at 10:20 on the first ballot. The official announcement was welcomed with long and warm applause.

Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, 53 years of age was born 21 August 1960 at Gozón-Luanco, Spain; he made his first profession on 3 September 1978, his perpetual profession on 17 June 1984 and was ordained priest on 4 July 1987. Originally from León Province, he has been Youth Ministry Delegate, Rector of the school at Ourense, member of the Council and Vice Provincial and, from 2000 to 2006, Provincial of León. He was a member of the technical commission in preparation for General Chapter 26. In 2009 he was appointed Provincial in Argentine South, a task he has carried out until now. In this capacity he got to know the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, and to work with him.He has a Doctorate in Pastoral Theology and a Licenciate in Philosophy and Pedagogy.

On 23 December last year, he was appointed Provincial of the new province of Mary Help of Christians in Spain, an office which Fr Angel will obviously not now be able to take on, since he will exercise his ministry as Father of the whole Salesian Congregation. Best wishes, Fr Angel!


                                                                                                                                                                         by Cl. Ranson D'souza sdb



BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 24, 2014: On March 21, the Capuchin Superior from Songaon, Fr. Wilson Gaikwad, preached the Lenten retreat for the Bhingar Parishioners from 4 pm to 8 pm. The retreat began with the recitation of the Rosary, followed by a Lenten talk. This was followed by the animated Way of the Cross, and then the celebration of the Eucharist.  A homily on the theme of Lent was preached. Another talk followed after the Mass.

On friday, march 14, Fr. Sanjay Fernandes, Capuchin, animated the lenten retreat from 4 pm to 8 pm in the Bhingar parish. He was supported by Bro. Glen Fernandes, who spoke on the meaning of Jesus' cross as a symbol of hope. On the first friday of lent, March 7, Fr. Wilson Gaikwad, came, preached and sang bhajans whch were appreciated by all present.

Every year the capuchin priests render their service to the parish by animating the six Fridays of lent. The capuchins use their preaching charism to promote Jesus and His Kingdom of Love through all they share.

Monday, March 24, 2014


by Cl. Ranson D'souza sdb

SAVEDI-AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 21, 2014: A Prayer meeting was organized by Fr. Manuel Murzello, Parish priest of St. John Bosco Church, Savedi for all from 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. on March 19-20, 2014 in the Don Bosco Vidyalaya school hall and on March 21, in the village of Jeur. Fr. Allwyn Misquitta with his team led the praise and worship leading the people in prayer.

Fr. Misquitta began with praying the Rosary wherein each Hail Mary was prayed for a different intention. He then celebrated the Eucharist with the people. He spoke to them powerfully about the various issues and called them for conversion, for transformation in their lives. He gave a lot of examples and shared his experiences. He enriched the people with food for the soul. Indeed he touched the hearts of the people and brought them closer to God. He concluded with an hour of adoration wherein he prayed for healing in their lives. He blessed the people in the end taking the Blessed Sacrament close to them. Many people sought his blessing.

Right from the first day there was a good response from the people. Fr. Misquitta spent 3 hours in the morning, listening to the confessions of the people and addressing the many issues in their lives. On the second day there was a bigger crowd who participated devoutly.

In the village of Jeur all preparations of the place, the lights, the sound etc. were done by the villagers. Tempos were arranged to get people from the different villages in Ahmednagar.  A lot of people came and fervently participated in the prayer meeting.

The community of Savedi was blessed to have Fr. Allwyn among them.  Indeed it was a moment of grace for the parish of St. John Bosco, Savedi.


by Cl. Ranson D'souza sdb

BAHIRWADI-AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 24, 2014, 2014: A Yatra was organized by the parishioners of the St. Joseph Church, Bahirwadi on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph. Fr. Vishwas was the main celebrant for the Eucharist.


The Yatra began with the singing of bhajans after which the framed picture of St. Joseph was taken in a procession around the village with praying, singing and dancing to the sound of traditional instruments. The Eucharist began at 6.30 p.m. Fr. Vishwas spoke to the people about the role of St. Joseph and went on to talk about family life and the roles and responsibilities of its members. He also shared many rich experiences of his life which captured the attention of the people. A lot of people came and fervently participated in the Yatra.


The Eucharist was followed by a short felicitation programme for the priests. The people who came were glad to take part in this yatra and returned home joyfully.


by BIS Correspondent

 JAITALA-NAGPUR, MAHARASHTRA, MARCH 24, 2014: The Annual Small Christian Community day was celebrated at Our Lady of Fatima Church - Mount Don Bosco Jaitala, Nagpur on Sunday, March 23, 2014.

 Mr. David Hadke was the animator for the programme. All the five zones of the Parish namely - Mother Teresa zone, Vailankany Mata zone, Rosary Mata zone, Lourdes Mata zone and St. Joseph zone participated whole heartedly in the programme.
Each coordinator was given a part of the programme to be animated wherein some used charts, others personal experiences and the rest presented skits with biblical references.The coordinators also shared their experience of 'All India SCC day convention' held at Goa.

Fr.Dominic, the Parish Priest thanked all the coordinators for their enthusiastic participation, their time and for unity in their respective zones.
The annual SCC day was an enriching experience for all the participants.


by Kenneth Remedios

NORTH ARABIAN VICARIATE, MARCH 24, 2014: To mark the 75th anniversary of the first church in the Northern Arabian vicariate, the Parish of St. Therese organized a series of talks by Fr. Franco Pereira sdb in the months of February and March. The talks dealt with the Four Marks of the Church namely, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic as found in the ‘I Believe’. “Very inspiring, motivating and encouraging” is how Catechist Aquila Colaco described the four-part series delivered by Fr. Franco, her description echoed the sentiments of many.

This year (2014) was declared as the “Year of the Church” for the vicariate by their bishop, Bishop Camilo Ballin in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the first church built in the northern Arabian Vicariate. Fr. Franco’s talks couldn’t have been more apt as he beautifully highlighted how the Church is One because the Holy Trinity, its source, is One.

God is the origin of the Church, Jesus Christ its Foundation and the Holy Spirit, its mission giver. To realize the mission of being ‘priest, prophet and King’ the Church needs governance. Hence, the Faithful of Christ comprise of Hierarchy; Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and Clergy, then Consecrated Life and finally the Laity. These 3 groups don’t compete with each other; rather they complete each other.

A new understanding of the Church emerged as four symbols were used to present the Church as;  Sheep of God, Field cultivated by God, Building of God and Bride of Christ and Mother to all Christians. Furthermore, a deeper appreciation of the Church was cultivated through five beautiful biblical images for the Church, namely; People of God, Body of Christ, Bride of Christ, Temple of the Holy Spirit, and Sacrament of God’s love and salvation.Fr. Franco beautifully explained the Four Marks of the Church.

All Catholics should feel blessed to be part of the Catholic Church and stay in communion with the Holy Father. Fr. Franco pointed out that one concrete way of being in spiritual union with the Holy Father in Rome is to be in communion with their own bishop.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


by Brother Royston Colaco sdb

LONAVLA-PUNE, MARCH 19, 2014: On  March 16, 2014, the Community of Don Bosco Lonavla celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph, the patron of Salesian Brothers because of the presence of the Salesian brothers  of the Mumbai Province. Ten Salesian Brothers gathered for the same. The brothers participated in a well animated Eucharist along with the aspirants and apostolic boys, praying specially for the Salesian Brother vocation. They also prayed for Br. Ramesh Durairaj who celebrated his birthday the previous day.

The brothers spent time together, to discuss on matters concerning the 'Salesian Brother' vocation. The inaugural address was delivered by Rev. Fr. Elson Baretto, the Economer and acting Provincial of the Mumbai Province. He stressed on the catchphrase: ‘Salesians, Be holy’ and motivated them to venture in other fields of expertise like catechesis, visiting families, organizing prayer groups, youth groups, counseling, etc. He reminded the brothers that they enjoy equal status as that of any other Salesian priest. Fr. Baretto presented Bl. Artemide Zatti as a model for the Salesian Brothers.

Br. Savio D’Mello, the Brothers’ Delegate of the Mumbai Province, co-ordinated the sessions during which the brothers discussed on how they could concretely implement the resolutions of the 7th Salesian Brothers Congress 2014. The brothers decided to concretize two of the five resolutions; firstly, to pay greater attention to regular personal and community prayer, using the Word of God as a springboard to our renewal and growth, and second, to commit themselves to a personal plan of integral growth in the area of spiritual, intellectual, socio-emotional balance, physical development and of the cultivation of skills that serve their apostolic commitments.

In the evening, a meaningful prayer service was conducted for the Salesian brothers and aspirants with  special emphasis on the life of Bl. Stefano Sandor, sdb. This was followed by a short interaction between the brothers and the aspirants. Thereafter, the brothers invited the aspirants to live with them and experience their life. They reflected on the present lack of vocations to the Salesian brotherhood and discussed ways and means on how to better the situation and attract more vocations to this way of life. These two days of interaction were truly enriching for both the brothers and the aspirants.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


by Jennifer

NERUL-MUMBAI, MARCH 18, 2014: Dominic Savio Kindergarten, Nerul celebrated its Annual Day programme on March 12, in the School Assembly Hall.  The theme for the programme was “The World Around Us”.

The event began at 5.00 pm and 206 children participated in the same. All the teachers under the guidance of their supervisor with the help of some parents organized this programme. The parents of Pre-Primary put up an excellent performance on a medley of ‘Hindi songs’.
 The tiny - tots and their teachers got a chance to showcase their talent, creativity, and enthusiasm on this occasion through their dance performances. It helped in boosting their confidence level.

 It was a glorious evening with beautiful performances, vibrant music with good arrangements. The audience was truly mesmerized with the performances. Watching their children put in a splendid effort left the parents glowing with pride. Parent’s performance as well was appreciated. Teachers felt this as a bonding experience.


by Alan D'silva

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, MARCH 18, 2014: The evening began with the compere quoting Matthew 22:14, “For many are called, but few are chosen,” and welcoming everyone gathered at Don Bosco High School Quadrangle, Matunga on March 15, for a Lenten concert organized by Don Bosco Youth Services in collaboration with Open Secret for ‘ The Journey Home’.

A representative of the Youth Services gave a brief overview of DBYS activities and Salesian Youth Spirituality of Don Bosco Matunga. Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala showed everyone how to have an attitude of the Beatitude, by performing a rap on the same.
Open Secret took the stage and engaged the people gathered through the fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross. Visuals from Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ coupled with hymns steered everyone in soul searching journey. Macklin Lacerda, lead vocalist, cited a few of his personal testimonies. 

The compere’s for the evening Angel Abraham and Alan D’silva delivered the Vote of Thanks by acknowledging the generous contributors for the evening, the Directors Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb and Fr. Cleophas Braganza sdb for their guidance, the volunteers, the organizing committee and Open Secret for making the event a fruitful  experience for all.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


by Fr. Mayank Parmar 

KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT, MARCH 13, 2014: On March 9, 2014, one hundred and eighty children gathered in the campus of Don Bosco, Kapadvanj for the celebration of the Oratory Day. The children who attended the Sunday oratories got a taste of what Don Bosco meant when he said, “Run, Jump, Play but do not Sin.”

The day began with fun filled games organised by the aspirants. The usually quiet campus,  resounded with shouts and laughter. With all the games and running around, the children developed a ravenous appetite which was appeased with a delicious lunch. At about 3.30 p.m. the children gathered around the stage for the cultural programme which began with a prayer dance and the lighting of the lamp. Keeping in mind Don Bosco’s commitment to evangelisation, the children staged plays that propagated values of unity, friendship, service and respect for parents and elders.

The Chief Guest Mrs. Nila Pandya, gave out prizes to the best boy and girl in each oratory. In her speech she spoke about: “Unity in Diversity” citing examples from our daily life. She also encouraged the children to bring about change in the villages starting with an anti littering and anti “gutka” campaign.

Sadness covered their faces at the thought of leaving the campus, yet, they were happy and grateful for the wonderful day that had been organized.
The aspirants too, had a very good learning experience working with and for the young.


by Mr. Conrad Saldanha

KURLA-MUMBAI, MARCH 13, 2014: Dr. Sunder Kekre, Bosch Professor of Operations Management and Director, PNC Centre for Financial Services Innovation (Carnegie Mellon – Tepper School of Business) visited the Don Bosco Centre for Learning Campus, Kurla and had a very stimulating interaction with its  Management and the Faculty of the Engineering and Management institutes.

Dr. Kekre mentioned that Carnegie Mellon University was the result of the coming together of the Carnegie wing of Technology/Engineering  with the Business wing of Mellon. And interestingly today, industry is demanding that students of engineering are also astute in Business. In fact the new Business School which is being built showcases the various technologies in its environs indicating that students need to know about technology and  understand business.

Dr. Kekre also shared his experience of being the head of the PNC Centre  for Financial Services Innovation where students work with real time data. The companies see the utility of the output generated in terms of insights and are therefore willing to part with real time data. Dr. Kekre mentioned that throughout the Semester the students need to spend at least 2 hours every week on a live project in a Company. This involves  conceptualising and implementation. There is an Executive from the client side and a Faculty member overseeing the team of students. This initiative too has been very successful.

Dr. Kekre explained  that there will be different levels of students in terms of intelligence and capacity to understand. It is not necessary that only the very bright students succeed. It is usually the students who are able to play as team members who succeed. And therefore he has seen that group or collaborative learning helps the weaker students. The groups always consist of a healthy mix of intelligent and not so intelligent students. Dr. Kekre emphasized the need for  an orientation of two  weeks before the Semester starts. It is during this period that bonding with and understanding of one another takes place. He has seen the positive effects of this exercise where team effort is concerned. If students vibe  with one another work gets done much faster.

Fr. Adolph Furtado, Rector (DBCL) thanked Dr. Kekre for taking the time inspite of his busy schedule to come and visit DBCL. Dr. Kekre was very impressed by the facilities available at DBCL and promised that the next time he would be here he would definitely come and spend some more time with us.

Monday, March 10, 2014


by Cl. Nevelle Coutinho sdb

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, MARCH 10, 2014: A two day workshop on ‘Salesian Youth Spirituality’ was conducted by Don Bosco Youth Services–Matunga from March 6-7, 2014, for the Bachelor of Philosophy students of Divyadaan, Nashik. Fr. Glenn Lowe sdb and Fr. Cleophas D’souza sdb, together with Mr. Aubrey Menezes, Resource person from Centre for the Family Apostolate - Mumbai, animated the workshop. Its purpose was, to empower the young Salesians to go to the young ‘with a greater preparedness’ during the forthcoming holiday apostolate.

Mr. Menezes, presented a Model Lesson Plan on ‘Uprooting the seeds of Violence’, by the We Abhor Violence Everywhere (WAVE) Campaign. Twenty Three young Salesians took part in this session. Mr. Menezes animated a lively session on various issues concerning violence, through a PowerPoint presentation, followed by a series of case studies. He enriched it with his own personal experiences. The young Salesians found it very practical, insightful and highly motivating.

In the afternoon, Fr. Glenn Lowe spoke about: ‘Salesian Youth Ministry: Revisiting the Four Dimensions’. Fr. Cleophas animated the participants during the ‘Group Work and Sharing’ session. The students enlisted many creative ways in which they could nourish the young in the dimensions of body-mind-heart-soul.
In the evening, the young Salesians were invited to look at the Youth Ministry as a Process and not merely as a set of isolated events. During the sessions, Fr. Glenn presented the Six C’s of a Youth Ministry Process: Compass (Vision), Concern (Mission), Context (The Setting), Content (The Nourishment), Capacity Building (The Networking) and the Clock (Checks and Balances). Fr. Cleophas enabled the brothers to get into a planning mentality, through a very practical session, asking them to prepare a simple Educative Pastoral Plan (EPP) for their holiday apostolate. 

The next day’s session began with the presentation on the EPP by each group. Each presentation was then critically evaluated and corrected.  After the discussion, the Second Year Brothers of the course for the Bachelors of Philosophy joined in. Fr. Glenn summed up the whole topic of Salesian Youth Ministry and then invited them to get down to practical ways of planning an entire months schedule, keeping in mind the Six C’s and the Elements of our Spirituality. Fr. Cleophas then helped them to focus on the importance of preparing a ‘Flow Chart’ for an entire day.  The brothers then expressed their sincere thanks for the innovative insights imparted by the Youth Ministry Team from DBYS, Matunga.

To bring the two-day programme to an end, the community gathered together to brain storm ideas for the bicentenary of Don Bosco’s birth. A wonderful video on the Centenary Year and a Press Conference recently given by the Rector Major set the tone for the meeting. The evening was beautifully spent in reflection and creative thought.  In the end, these two-days were worth attending and it has ignited the minds of these young brothers with a planning mentality and a desire to live out their Salesian life in its true spirit.


by Fr. Gregory D'cunha

BARODA-GUJARAT, MARCH 10, 2014: The Campus of Don Bosco Baroda was abuzz with activity and enthusiasm on March 1, 2014, as 525 children from 18 Basti classes were transported from their respective localities towards DB-Baroda. The children were given a light breakfast on their arrival to the venue. Thereafter, the preparations for the Cultural programme commenced. The Basin Manager of ONGC, Mr. G C Katiyar, was the Chief Guest. A few other guests and well-wishers were also present.

Each Basti class put up a programme, presenting the theme: Fraternity and Solidarity through Love.  The programme was well appreciated by all. Mr. Katiyar said that, he was impressed with the good work that was being done, and he also assured that, he would speak in favour of the Roshni Project.  Fr. Anthony Pinto, the Rector of DB Baroda, in his speech, encouraged the children to excel in life and become better citizens. Fr. Gregory D’cunha proposed the Vote of Thanks, after which, the whole crowd got engrossed in Garba revelry. The dance followed a sumptuous meal.

Post lunch, with the help of the Youth group of DB-Baroda and the youngsters from Snehalaya, 20 stalls were organized. The children enjoyed themselves at the game stalls. Attractive prizes were handed over to those, who won maximum number of prize coupons. All the Children left  the campus with joy on their faces as each of them received a parting gift. The efforts of Ms. Jagruti and her staff bore fruit as the function drew to a successful end.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


by Mr. Ian Lemos

PARNER-AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 6, 2014: February 22, 2014 was a historical day for the Salesians of the Mumbai Province as Rt. Rev. Bishop Lourdes Daniel (Nashik Diocese), blessed and inaugurated the First Catholic Church built by the Salesians in the Parner Taluka (Ahmednagar District): Jesus the Good Shepherd Church. It was the fruit of the tireless work and meticulous planning that was put in for a period of over two years. Rev. Fr. Thomas D’costa, the Parish Priest and Rector of St. Anne’s Parish, several other Priests and Religious and over 1500 faithful were also present for the same.

The ceremony began at 10.30am with a solemn procession. Thereafter Bishop Lourdes blessed and inaugurated the Church. A thanksgiving Eucharist was then celebrated during which the Bishop congratulated Fr. Thomas for his vision and hardwork. He also spoke highly about the Salesians working in the Nashik Diocese and mentioned their enormous contribution to the mission. A felicitation programme then followed.
A fellowship meal was organized for all those present; it was prepared and sponsored by the villagers themselves. The highlight of the whole ceremony was the presence of the local shepherds and the people of other faiths. They did not only attend the programme, but they were even seen praying devoutly in the church. The main Protagonist and the Pioneer of this project was Fr. Thomas D’costa. He was assisted by Fr. Rolvin D’mello sdb and the parishioners of St. Anne’s Parish,  Ahmednagar.


by  Cl. Albert Kumar sdb

DIVYADAAN-NASHIK, MARCH 6, 2014: Excellence was at its best as the second year MPH(Master of Philosophy) students defended their final dissertation thesis on March 4, 2014 at Divyadaan, The Salesian Institution of Philosophy, Nashik. 

Anto Belevendran, belonging to the Salesian Province of Tiruchy, defended his paper on the topic: ‘The Christian Philosophical Anthropology of John Paul II.’ The theme that runs through is that, the human being is a person and is the image and likeness of God and in all circumstances the dignity of the person should be respected. This dissertation summarized the essential characteristics of the person as explained by John Paul II in his writings. It presents the person as a relational being who is in constant relationship with God and society.

The second candidate Jaojian Daniel Gangmei, from the Salesian Province of Dimapur, defended his thesis on the topic: ‘Kierkegaardian Choice and Authentic Existence.’ The dissertation explores Søren Kierkegaard’s concept of Choice and Authentic Existence of an individual.

The next candidate Dilip Gnanaprakash, belonging to the Salesian Province of Bangalore, defended his dissertation on the topic: ‘The Concept of God according to Alfred North Whitehead.’ This thesis was an attempt to venture into the field of Process Philosophy of Whitehead, where God is understood from the perspective of Process and Relationality. It evaluates Whitehead’s God in the light of traditional Christian notion of God and identifies the contribution of  Whitehead to an ongoing dialogue between Christian and process theism.

Finally, Albert Kumar belonging to the Salesian Province of Chennai defended his paper on the topic: ‘Conscience as a way to Assent to God: A Study of Newman’s Grammar of Assent.’ This paper presents the most extensive and in-depth analysis of Newman’s philosophy of Assent and Conscience. It concludes with the note that Newman’s understanding of conscience and assent is still relevant and the contributions of Newman to the field of Philosophy and Theology are appreciable.
All the candidates presented their thesis with great clarity, defended them well and enlightened the audience with the intense discussion that followed. Overall, the students were much admired and congratulated for their hard work, commitment, endurance and sacrifice.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


by BIS correspondent

KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT,MARCH 4, 2014: The Women’s Day celebrations was held on February 25, 2014 at Kapadvanj. It was indeed a pleasant sight to see groups of women entering the campus with  song, dance and laughter. They wished to show that the source of their strength was the cooperation among them. The Chief Guest was Ms Ritaben Patel, TDO Kapadvanj, while Ms Sejalben Brahmbhatt, Corporator, Kapadvanj Municipality, was the Guest of Honour.

 The initial registration alone recorded seven hundred and fifty women. The highlight of the programme was the distribution of Cash Credit Certificates to nine Self Help Groups . The Annual Report was also released with great fanfare. One of the participants also presented an appeal to Ms Ritaben Patel for a gutter line in their village. Ms Patel was both surprised and delighted that for the first time a woman handed over an application to her. She promised  a speedy action.

After the introduction, the garlanding and the lighting of the lamp , the women themselves put up a meaningful programme. They staged plays that challenged the present culture of Child Marriage and Foeticide especially of the girl child. One of the groups put up a play in which the roles of  the husband and the wife were reversed: The woman was the breadwinner and the husband the home-maker, something unthinkable in past years. Still another group forcefully insisted on young people being tested for AIDS before getting married.

The women themselves bore the cost of the sumptuous meal that was served to all. Over and above the monetary contribution from each group, two groups donated  rice and potatoes.All the women went home full of joy and appreciation for the work done at Don Bosco Kapadvanj.


by Mrs. Joshna Dabre

WALVANDA-MUMBAI,MARCH 4,2014: With the initiative of Fr. M.C. George, Director of Bosco Net Delhi, a book was written on Bro. Alex Gonsalves Sdb. The book was released on January 2, 2014 at Guwahati by Fr. Maria Arockiam Regional superior of south East Asia during brother’s congress. And on February 23, 2014 the same book was released at St. James church Aghasi – Br. Alex’s Parish by Mr. Thomas Miranda, an active senior citizen in Social work.
 The book Desert to Oasis narrates various development activities at Ahmednagar emphasizing mainly on soil and water conservation leading to sustainable livelihood by enhancing ecology.The event was organized by his family members and well-wishers from three neighboring parishes. Fr. Anaclete D’Mello, Director BSVS was the Chief Guest. Fr. Biswas Pereira, Parish Priest of Jyoti was Guest of honor along with Fr. Stephen Machado, Asst. Parish Priest, Aghasi.  Mr. Thomas Miranda briefed  the audience about work Br. Alex’s  had been doing in Ahmednagar amongst the poor and marginalized people for 24 years.
Br. Alex added during his thanksgiving speech that; he had a desire to do something for the poor farmers in his life and his work in Salesian farm in Sulcorna helped him to manage big work force as well as managing big amount of money. Hence, he could get into the big works of watershed. Also he mentioned that he always felt Gods’ providence and his loving hand on him for his work that sustained him during difficult moments. A request to publish the book in Marathi came very strongly from people.


by  Neelam Rodrigues

BORIVLI-MUMBAI,MARCH 4,2014: The 26th of February   was a much awaited day for the staff of Don Bosco Educational Institution (School, NIOS & the Junior College).  After a very hectic period with the farewell and annual day program the staff was certainly looking forward to a much needed break. And they rightly found a solace in the outing organized by the management with the help of the adventure group. The picnic spot zeroed on was “ZARA’S RESORT” at Khandala. Though initially there was a little concern over the travel time and the distance, it all seemed to fade away as we approached the venue. Deep valleys, fresh breeze  and the scenery blanketed in ample greens cleared their  mind of all the cobwebs of stress that they  were carrying along with them. And the very enthusiastic group of singers among their  staff set the mood right. On reaching the resort, the staff was led in for a sumptuous breakfast, an assorted mix of south  and north Indian feast. And the I must say that it was an indulgence to the hungry growling stomachs… after which the staff was given an option either  to visit  NAB and to shop  and relaxing at the resort. While some members chose to sprawl and explore the property, the others went ahead with the plan. They entered into a rrealm of fun  after the group got together for some time of entertainment. The organizing team of the adventure group had arranged for some telly games. All were filled with fun, excitement and creativity. It was indeed a time that they would remember all their lives..It  was heartening  to see Fr. Carlos and Fr. Baptist enjoying and being one with the staff as an over enthusiastic youth would. Some spot prizes were given  after the lunch and lo, it was time to leave…. With a frown on their  faces, a cup of tea and a plate of pakodas in their  hands, they  marched to their  buses that were waiting to take them  back to the hustle and the bustle of the concrete jungle that they  belong to. Nevertheless, it was with renewed vigor and improved robustness to face new challenges that come their  way.


by Bento D’Souza

RATHADGAON-AHMEDNAGAR,MARCH 3,2014: A deep religious experience engulfed the people of Rathadgaon on 27th February, after preparation by Guruji Jagtap. The revival led to the receiving of First Holy Communion by four believers, ten being confirmed and eight couples rectifying their marriages in the Catholic Church. After having lived  in sinful condition and in adulterous contact so far, their life took a turn  for the better with a new covenantal relationship born between them; a sign of the presence of Christ, the transformer of the water of human loneliness into the wine of divine friendship. Now Christ becomes the visible third partner of their marriages and their faith takes on a new meaning and significance. Visible gladness was noticed on all their faces and countenances as a result of the sacrament done within the sacred ‘tent’ of the Catholic Church. It was a fitting way of concluding ‘World Marriage day’ that is celebrated in the month of february universally on the second Sunday of this month by the Global Marriage Encounter Movement. Fr. Nelson Falcao , the Parish priest administered the sacraments of Baptism. Confirmation and matrimony and Fr. Bento D’Souza cared for the reconciliation of penitents  to God through the sacrament of reconciliation. The whole event concluded with a homily & the celebration of the Eucharist. A new fervor and vitality was felt in the villages of Rathadgaon, a village long neglected. Rathadgaon is now a village on the top of the crest of the wave of enthusiasm for their Christian faith among the eleven regularly visited  villages and twenty-five long forgotten villages in the Bhingar Mission. They are now a people of renewed faith; a new people.


by Mr. Conrad Saldanha

KURLA-MUMBAI,MARCH 3, 2014: Don Bosco Institute of Management and Research, Kurla, hosted its annual event the “Social Business Summit”, bringing together companies, NGOs, social businesses and government organisations on a common platform to discuss about sustainable business practices and social responsibility. The theme for the event was “Another Step towards humanizing business”. Representatives discussed the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility towards developing a sustainable environment of growth and also the implications of the recent laws regarding CSR under the new companies act. 
The chief guest for the event was Mr. Alfred Arambhan- Chairman Arambhan Group. The other distinguished guests were Mr.Bhaskar Chatterjee-DG and CEO Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Royston Braganza-CEO Grameen Capital, Mr. Babu Joseph- Head, Axis Foundation, Ms. Dilnavaz Munshi- Consultant, National CSR Hub- TISS, Mr.JG Yadav, Chief Manager (CSR), Mazagaon Docks Ltd, Mr. SK Das- Advisor and Ex Chief HR, Bank of Baroda. There were also representatives from various NGOs and Social businesses such as Creative Handicrafts, Swabhiman, Roar 4 Change, Helpage and SSEN amongst others.
Fr. Adolf Furtado, the Rector of Don Bosco Centre for Learning, began the proceedings for the day by challenging the participants to think beyond the conventional ways of doing business and finding ways to bring out the human face of business. Arrogance needs to be replaced by a healthy sense of  self doubt and the language of vengeance with reconciliation. Mr. Conrad Saldanha  briefly stated the purpose and  end goal which Don Bosco Institute of Management & Research intends achieving through events like the Social Business Summit. Ultimately Don Bosco wants to become a facilitating platform for connecting corporates with NGOs/Social Businesses. Mr. Alfred Arambhan, the keynote speaker, shared a clear definition of what CSR is and what it isn’t. He also described his group’s eventful journey into CSR. He emphasized ethics, sustainability and the need to bring happiness to  all around. Mr. Babu Joseph from Axis Foundation encouraged NGOs to look at the issues of transparency and also how it is necessary to have clear objectives and measurable outcomes for a CSR programme.                                       
Mr. Royston Braganza from Grameen Capital talked about the microfinance story in India and the need for financial inclusion. There would be Rs. 20000 crores available in the coming year for CSR. How this money would be channelized would  the big challenge. He talked about Tracking, Outcomes, Unique local flavor, Commitment, Happiness (Touch). He also challenged DBIMR students to create a Humanizing  index for the corporate world. Mr. Bhaskar Chatterjee from IICA, enlightened the audience in a very lucid manner about the various aspects of the law pertaining to CSR. CSR would be the new game changer. The law has necessarily placed the responsibility of implementation on  top management. If not done there needs to be a coherent explanation. If not then there are stiff penalties to be borne. Ms. Dilnawaz Munshi explained how they are empanelling various NGOs through an objective evaluation. Mr. S.K. Das explained how the Bank of Baroda had CSR engraved in its DNA through its founder.
In the second half of the program NGO’s and Social businesses  such as Swabhiman, Roar 4 change, SSEN (Latur), Helpage and  Creative Handicrafts talked about their models for development and the work they were doing with various target groups. Some NGO’s also took up stalls outside the venue to showcase their work and that of the artisans working with them. Mr. Conrad Saldanha, Principal Advisor to Don Bosco Centre for Learning (DBCL) shared DBCL’s outreach involvement in the city of Mumbai and its collaboration with the BMC in skilling 2500 women. BMC has recommended Deutsche Bank and Centrum to work with DBCL in the area of Entrepreneurship Development. The summit was partnered by Roar 4 change, LIC India, Dena Bank, Model Cooperative Bank, Centrum Direct, Citizen Coop Bank and Reckitt Benckiser.
Don Bosco Institute of Management & Research is a Management Institution offering Full time a Post Graduate Degree in Management affliliated to Mumbai University, located at Kurla. It’s vision is to  nurture  for  business,  transformational  leadership that  is  guided  by  values  which   sustain  holistic  growth. The institute is AICTE  approved and affiliated to Mumbai University. 


by Adarsh Gupta

NERUL-MUMBAI, MARCH 3, 2014: One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its Annual Day, when great excitement and hurried activities are visible all around. This year Don Bosco Nerul, organized its Annual Day on 21st Feb. 2014 by presenting the musical “Jagrut   Aam  Adami”
The Chief Guest for the evening was the vice Chairman of Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, Ms. Janet D’souza. The Guest of Honour were Former Provincial-Province of Mumbai, Rev. Fr. Tony D’souza,  the Rector of Don Bosco Shrine – Matunga,  Rev. Fr. Edwin  D’souza, Rector of Don Bosco Matunga and Nerul, Rev. Fr. Wilfred  D’souza, Assistant SOS department – Cidco, Mr. Pramod Jadhav, Estate Town Planning Office  - Cidco, MR. S .D.  Patil.
The Manager Rev. Fr. Bonnie Borges welcomed the gathering. To invoke God’s choicest blessings on each one a wonderful prayer dance was presented.  This followed the introduction of the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour by the Principal Rev Fr. Anthony Fonseca and felicitation by Rev. Fr. Bonnie Borges. Not forgetting the encouragement, support and guidance from the parents and well-wishers, who were also felicitated.
To acknowledge the academic and extraordinary achievements of the students certificates were awarded to them by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. The Annual Report presented by Tr. Joyce Fernandes took the audience through a visual Journey of the past year encapsulating most events, activities and happenings.
The first presentation – Live Orchestra by 50 blossoming maestros transported all present to a delectable realm of intoxicating harmony!The Skit and dances were a peep into the school’s rich cultural Mosaic.
The celebration ended with a Grand Finale and a vote of thanks by the Principal Rev. Fr. Anthony Fonseca. Mr. Rolland Rapose deserves a special mention for his consistent diligence, sincerity and devotion with which he continues to help the school.

Monday, March 3, 2014


by Cl. Avil Correa

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, MARCH 3, 2014: A seminar on Social Research Methodology was conducted at Divyadaan for the students of Second Year Bachelors of Philosophy on the 24th and 25th February, 2014. The facilitator for the same was Miss. Marina D’Costa who works at Don Bosco Research Centre, Matunga.
The first session began at 9:00 am at Fr. Vincent Vaz Hall in the Academic Block during which the concepts and the jargon typical to Social Research Methodology was explained lucidly with the help of various examples. This included the meaning of research, social research, its definition, types of research methods, data types, sampling and sampling methods, case study and its two basic types.
Apart from the basic explanation which was provided, the sessions were interactive because of the exchange of question and answers during the session, the facilitator helped the brothers prepare an interview schedule based on a particular theme. There were three groups made and each of them intended to know the health problems faced by the auto rickshaw drivers in Nashik, to know the saving mentality of vendors and the perception of education and employment of domestic workers respectively.
After lunch the three groups parted ways and conducted the research. They returned in about two hours and then evaluated their research by presenting a report. Thereafter, a session based on the importance of research from the Salesian point of view was conducted. This proved to be one of the most thought provoking sessions since the facilitator posed a challenge on making a research of the needs before carrying out a particular activity. In the evening an evaluation of each student was conducted by means of viva and a written report of the interview schedule was also submitted by the brothers.
The next day’s session consisted of a discussion of ethics in social research. Thereafter two models for specific research were also proposed. Apart from the seminar, on request Ms. Marina also shared her journey towards embarking on her vocation which she calls ‘Dialogue for change’. Based on this concept of a need for dialogue in order to live in a better world, she also shared her achievements in the philanthropic endeavour. This was a result of the application of research in her field of interest.
It was this her genuine sharing that challenged the students to live a more committed life by reflecting and applying what one has learnt in his/her own life. Thus this seminar was indeed a fruitful and a challenging event.


by Cl. Sandeep Parmar

WADALA-MUMBAI, MARCH 3, 2014: On the 25th of February, 2014, Shelter Don Bosco with the help of two volunteers (Master Shahabaz and Miss Saumya) from TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE had organized a fun filled day for the children of various NGOs of Mumbai. 130 children from nine NGOs participated in the program. The aim of the tournament was to introduce the children to different games as well as teach them the rules of these games.
The tournament began with a prayer service with lighting of the lamp followed by explanation of the aim of the tournament. The tournament involved games like carom, chess, table tennis and badminton. Each child had an opportunity to play at least two games. After lunch there were activities like collage making, extempore, Ad mania and hair dressing. It was wonderful to see the children putting their brains together and coming out with many creative and innovative ideas.
After the various competitions, there was a prize distribution ceremony and the vote of thanks, the various people responsible for the tournament were thanked for their diligence and planning. The tournament concluded with a musical a performance by the students of TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE.


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, March 3, 2014: One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its annual day. The 8th Annual day meet for classes Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory was organized on Thursday, 20th February 2014 on the school ground. The Pre Primary teachers and supervisor organized this programme under the guidance of the Principal.
The program began at 6.30 pm with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Nivedita Sinha, Principal of D.Y Patil School. The theme for this year’s annual day was 'Learning - The Dominic Savio Way'.
Dominic Savio Kindergarten, strives to identify and nurture innate talents and abilities of students, through interactive and scientifically developed activities, traditional values with modern knowledge and information. Dominic Savio Method of education involves bringing together young people, their parents/guardians, the management, and staff in an atmosphere of a family to form an integrated community; this was also highlighted during the programme.
Parents were excited to see their children performing on the stage. Teachers along with the supervisor felt that the programme was well organized. The Principal appreciated the programme and encouraged teachers to keep up the good work in the future. All present felt the programme was very educative, informative and entertaining.