Tuesday, March 4, 2014


by  Neelam Rodrigues

BORIVLI-MUMBAI,MARCH 4,2014: The 26th of February   was a much awaited day for the staff of Don Bosco Educational Institution (School, NIOS & the Junior College).  After a very hectic period with the farewell and annual day program the staff was certainly looking forward to a much needed break. And they rightly found a solace in the outing organized by the management with the help of the adventure group. The picnic spot zeroed on was “ZARA’S RESORT” at Khandala. Though initially there was a little concern over the travel time and the distance, it all seemed to fade away as we approached the venue. Deep valleys, fresh breeze  and the scenery blanketed in ample greens cleared their  mind of all the cobwebs of stress that they  were carrying along with them. And the very enthusiastic group of singers among their  staff set the mood right. On reaching the resort, the staff was led in for a sumptuous breakfast, an assorted mix of south  and north Indian feast. And the I must say that it was an indulgence to the hungry growling stomachs… after which the staff was given an option either  to visit  NAB and to shop  and relaxing at the resort. While some members chose to sprawl and explore the property, the others went ahead with the plan. They entered into a rrealm of fun  after the group got together for some time of entertainment. The organizing team of the adventure group had arranged for some telly games. All were filled with fun, excitement and creativity. It was indeed a time that they would remember all their lives..It  was heartening  to see Fr. Carlos and Fr. Baptist enjoying and being one with the staff as an over enthusiastic youth would. Some spot prizes were given  after the lunch and lo, it was time to leave…. With a frown on their  faces, a cup of tea and a plate of pakodas in their  hands, they  marched to their  buses that were waiting to take them  back to the hustle and the bustle of the concrete jungle that they  belong to. Nevertheless, it was with renewed vigor and improved robustness to face new challenges that come their  way.

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Lynette Sequeira said...

Just a correction! This article is from Don Bosco, Borivli and not from Nerul, as you have mentioned at the beginning of the article.

-Ms. Lynette (Don Bosco, Borivli)