Monday, March 31, 2014


by Cl. Aristo Andrat

KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT, MARCH 31, 2014: “Come to me and I will give you rest.” Keeping these words of Jesus in mind, the aspirants kept aside all their studies and daily work and spent some time with the Lord as they made their 3-days retreat from March 26-28, at Don Bosco Kapadvanj. Fr. McEnroe Lopes, the administrator of St. Dominic Savio Church, Wadala East, was the retreat preacher, who led all the aspirants on the journey to discover their true self, to experience the love of God and deepen their relationship with Him.

During the 3-day retreat, Fr. Lopes dealt with various topics to help the aspirants know God, oneself and  others. On the first day he invited them to reflect on ‘Self’: how each one is precious to God and how each one is gifted with different talents to bring about glory of God. Thereafter, he spoke about the unconditional love of God. On the second day, he helped the aspirants to reflect on the aspects of the Call and vocation to religious life: on how God calls each one of us in a unique way. He told them to contemplate on the call of the apostles and the prophets. He also explained to them the vocation to religious life.

On the following day, he led the aspirants to ponder on Don Bosco and his spirituality by citing various examples from the life of Don Bosco. Lastly, he spoke about the importance of the sacrament of reconciliation and prepared them for an encounter with God in this Sacrament. Fr. Lopes presented all his talks with the help of media and also gave some bible references for their personal reflection and prayer. The aspirants also had a wonderful experience as they reflected on the passion and death of Jesus through the way of the cross.

Indeed this retreat was a spirit-filled experience for the aspirants as some of them shared their testimonies as to how this retreat has made them become aware of God’s love and care for each one of us. This retreat has also helped them to look closer at their vocation as to what God wants of them. Indeed it was nice to see all the aspirants spending their time in prayer and reflection trying to discover the will of God for them.

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