Thursday, April 24, 2014


by Fr. Godfrey D'sa sdb

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, APRIL 24, 2014: The 6th batch of 'The Don Bosco Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology' conducted by Prafulta psychological services, was awarded certificates by the Provincial of the Salesian province of Mumbai, Fr Godfrey D'Souza, on April 19, 2014, at Our Lady of Dolours Church, Wadala. The Director of the course, Fr Godfrey D'sa , Coordinator – Ms Shalu Mehrotra, faculty members  - Fr Ajoy Fernandes, Ms Srilatha Srkanth, Ms Linda Dakul were also present for the same.

The course began in 2008 and has trained 120 participants to become practicing counselors. The nine months course is held in the Youth Services AV Hall at Don Bosco, Matunga. The course emphasizes on experiential learning and endeavours to translate theory into action.

The alumni of the course, of the last 5 years, were also invited for this ceremony and it was heartening to know from them, the varied kinds of set ups they are working in, as counselors- be it clinics, social work organizations which work for women related issues, schools, colleges, hospitals, parishes etc.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


by Cl. Mylin Noronha sdb

SUKET-RAJASTHAN, APRIL 22, 2014: The people of Mikhelpura, Suket, began the celebrations of the opening of the Centennial year of the Mission, on April 21, 2014. They were joined by many of the priests and religious who had been part of, or served the parish in the past. It commenced with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 8:30 am, which was presided over by Bishop Pius Thomas D'souza – the Bishop of the Diocese of Ajmer. Bishop Emeritus Ignatius Menezes and several other priests and religious from the diocese were also present for the same.

Prayers were offered, for the first settlers in the mission, who courageously stayed on in the mission, in spite of the constant threat of wild animals, inhospitable climate and trying circumstances. In his homily, the Bishop praised the French Missionaries, who selflessly responded to the missionary mandate of spreading the word of God to the ends of the earth. He also exhorted the people, to continue responding to God's will, and undertake fruitful works to spread God's kingdom in their parish. The meaningful animation and melodious singing conducted by Fr James Nigrel, added to the solemnity of the Eucharist.

The spiritual celebration was followed by a short cultural extravaganza put up by various groups of students from Don Bosco - Salawad Khurd, St Teresa's - Salawad Khurd and St Mary's - Ramganj Mandi. Sprightly dances, an appealing musical presentation and a biblical dance-drama made the programme not only entertaining but also informative and educative. It reflected the talent of the young performers who had put in more than a month of preparation. In his message the Bishop reminded the people of the history of the parish and praised the Salesians for their hardwork among the people.

The parishioners also found the opening of the centennial year an auspicious and apt occasion to bless the renovated Grotto of Our Lady. It was an important moment for the parishioners because they had accomplished the feat of renovating the Grotto within a month with their own funds and labour. Many of the youth and adults, who were regularly working at the site – some even late every night – had a proud and contented look on their face as the grotto was being blest.

The celebrations came to a close with an agape meal for the guests and the entire parish. The sumptuous meal was a fitting climax to the day's events and gave the people an opportunity to interact with each other and many of the religious who had worked in the parish.All in all, the opening of the centennial celebrations set the right tone for the events that are to follow during the course of a meticulously planned year of renewal and gratefulness for the various blessing sent by God on the people of Mikhelpura in the last 100 years. A special word of thanks to Frs Stanny ( in-charge), James Nigrel and Joseph Soares for the Centennial Year well begun.

Monday, April 21, 2014


by Lester D'Mello

NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE, APRIL 21, 2014: During the Holy Season of Lent, a retreat was planned, for the members who served the Lord, through the various Ministries of the parish, on Saturday, April 12, 2014. The retreat was preached by Fr. Franco Pereira sdb, Catechetical Director of the Northern Arabian Vicariate.

A novel concept called 'Retreatainment – Evangelization and Gospel Values through Media' was used, that involved the screening of a movie, which not only left the participants teary-eyed but it also opened a new avenue in their hearts and minds, that allowed them to understand the spiritual practice of 'Forgiveness', the theme of the retreat. Following the movie, the participants were presented with some thought-provoking and soul-searching questions which enabled them to get a deeper understanding of the topic of 'Forgiveness'. The participants then spend some time with the Lord, after which priests heard their confessions.

In line with the directives of Bishop Camillo Ballin, Fr. Franco explained, in brief, two of the Church's documents of Vatican II, namely, 'Gaudium et Spes– Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World' and 'Lumen Gentium – The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church'. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr. Franco was the finale of the retreat. The retreatants left the church with a very powerful message embedded in their hearts and souls, 'If I am a follower of Jesus, Forgiveness is not optional'.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


by Br. Nelson Mudaliar sdb

AHMEDNAGAR-MAHARASHTRA, APRIL 19, 2014: A two day training programme was organized for the children of Hanga village (23 kms from Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra) on April 10-11, 2014, in regards with the formation of members of the Children's Parliament. The Director of BGVK  Br. Ramesh Durairaj planned the whole venture. The training programme began at 11 in the afternoon with the Inauguration Ceremony. Fifty-three children were present for the same.

The Sarpanch was taken up by the endeavour and service to their community. After thanking the Institution and those in charge, he spoke to the children asking them to make the best use of all that would be given to them. Br. Durairaj encouraged the students to take part actively in the activities that would be conducted. After the ceremony, the brothers introduced themselves and had a small interactive session thus breaking the ice. This session was interspersed with icebreakers and action songs. The children were then sent home for lunch. The villagers were very homely. They invited the brothers to have lunch with them.

 The next session began at 3:30 pm. A painting competition was held in the classroom provided. After the competition, the duties of the various ministers of the Parliament were made clear. A brainstorming was done, drawing out from the children different ways of helping the village and each other. Many Leadership games were then played, thus encouraging each one of them to be leaders and also at the same time, appreciate the value of team work. In the night, the movie – 'Timepass' was shown to them on a big screen. The brothers stayed in the village for the night.

The next morning  (April 11) after breakfast, the whole proceedings of the Parliament session were carefully explained. An election was held and the whole governing body was changed. The children were then guided to have a meeting in the presence of those present. The children ended the meeting by respectfully singing the National Anthem. A talent competition was then held which the children participated in wholeheartedly. The competition ended by 5:00 pm.

Many parents were present for the thanksgiving ceremony,. They voiced out their happiness and encouraged the brothers to organize such programmes for the children in future. Prizes were then distributed to the children. The children left the place satisfied and also with the commitment to keep the spirit of leadership and of service alive in them, thus contributing their share to their houses and to the village at large.



Carissa Gudino

UTTAN - MUMBAI, APRIL 17, 2014: Twenty-nine college-going and working youth from all over Mumbai gathered together at the Boscowadi Holiday Resort - Uttan, for the Bosco Leadership Camp 2014 from April 9 – 12. The leadership camp, organised by Don Bosco Youth Services, was animated by Frs. Osborn, Glenn and Cleophas, Brs. Dinesh and Felix with the support of the DBYS staff. This event, aimed at the holistic development of youngsters, was a perfect blend of fun and learning, with innovative moments of reflection, learning and prayer, as well as group-building activities and games.

Day one began by helping participants introspect and identify a few habits or things they want to leave behind as well as a few things they would like to inculcate in their lives. Each of them prepared a commitment which they would use as a reminder to motivate them towards their goal.

 Day two focused on the world, the people that have made a difference in their lives and the experiences that have taught them a lot as well as the dreams that have come true because of these experiences. The participants recalled the achievements that could be counted as landmarks in their lives, so that they could chart a path to their life's destination. They reflected on God's design and dream for them, while acknowledging their doubts and anxieties. The campers learnt the fundamentals of leadership and the meaning of self-awareness, vision, planning, teamwork and time management through meaningful examples and activities.

Day three focussed on the art of asking questions and knowing the difference between an answer and a response. The campers were taken on a spiritual journey – a pilgrimage within themselves as well as outwards into the world, through the Labyrinth exercise.The camp brought out the best in every participant, helping them discover their innate gifts and potential. The self-evaluation exercises gave them a clear picture of where they stand and the areas they need to develop. The group activities and games helped them see the importance of teamwork and participation. Their journey of discovery and growth was evident through the reflections that they shared during the camp.

The Leadership Camp was a wonderful opportunity for these youngsters to combine learning, self-discovery and development with fun and relaxation. It will be worth all the resources spent if the participants carry on the process of self-maturing and growth to become reliable leaders wherever they find themselves.

Friday, April 18, 2014


by Michael Gaikwad

YERWADA-PUNE, APRIL17, 2014: The Chrism Mass of the Diocese of Pune was celebrated in Sacred Heart Church, Yerwada on the Don Bosco School grounds on April 10, 2014. The Eucharist was celebrated by Bishop Thomas Dabre in the presence of Emeritus Valerian D'Souza along with 150 concelebrant priests of the Diocese of Pune. The faithful who participated numbered approximately 2,500 people. It was for the first time that the Chrism Mass of the Diocese was held outside the Diocesan Cathedral.

The liturgy was well animated and organized. The three oils of Catechumen, Chrism and Infirm were anointed by the Bishops and all the priests. In the homily, Bishop Dabre emphasized on the unity among the clergy and appreciated the work done by the clergy in the Diocese of Pune. He was of the opinion that Catholic Education be imparted to all the students. Bishop Dabre gave the example of the Holy Father Pope Francis and urged the faithful to live upright lives and that the clergy and lay people ought to work for the upliftment of the poor and down trodden, to reach out to those who are homeless and sick.

 The English, Marathi and Childrens' Choir sang for the Eucharist in a very prayerful way. The bishop was very appreciative of the Childrens' Choir. After Holy Communion the Manual for workers and domestic staff prepared by Fr. VS Louis was released by Bishop Thomas Dabre; it had the salary structure for all the workers and the domestic staff working in the various institutes of the Diocese of Pune. After the Eucharist the clergy had a fellowship meal in the Parish. The celebration of the Chrism Mass was a great moment of grace for all the faithful.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


by Philomena Fernandes

NORTH ARABIAN VICARIATE, APRIL 16, 2014: A special half-day retreat was held on Saturday, April 5, for the children of St Therese Church in Kuwait who were preparing themselves to be soldiers of Christ through their Confirmation, to help them put on the Armour of God. The Preacher, Fr. Franco Pereira sdb welcomed the children and began the first session by teaching the children "How to Pray". He then went on to teach them the three simple steps of making a prayer to God – Praise, Petition and Thanksgiving.

In the second session, Fr. Franco re-acquainted them with the Holy Bible. He emphasized that the Bible is a book that gives Information, that leads to a person's formation and results in transformation.In the final session, the children enthusiastically completed an activity on the "Ten Commandments", after which they were led to understand each Commandment, with Bible references and examples.The Retreat concluded with a meaningful Garden Mass, leaving the children with the beautiful message that each of them was unique in God's sight just as each flower has its own beauty and uniqueness.


by Mr. Ian Lemos

AHMEDNAGAR-MAHARASHTRA, April 16, 2014: The launch of Batch 06 witnessed overwhelming joy and renewed vigor at DBCC (Don Bosco Community College) as 200 students enrolled for the present batch. After successfully completing five batches of Project SLS (Skills for Livelihood and Sustenance) 6th batch was launched on March 25, 2014. On account of the well planned mobilization process in all the villages of Ahmednagar district the response for the current batch was truly amazing – in terms of the admissions (highest in the entire history of the institute).

The institute offers the following courses: Electrical, Spoken English, Beautician, Computers (MS – CIT / Tally / DTP), Typing and Tailoring. The Admissions to many of these courses were over the capacity, and hence shift system was introduced to accommodate more students.  It is truly wonderful to see DBCC reaching such heights and catering to so many poor and marginalized youngsters of the Ahmednagar region which is the reason why DBCC is on Cloud 9.


by Mr. Conrad Saldanha

KURLA-MUMBAI, APRIL 16, 2014: On March 22, 2014 at approximately 6.15 pm there was an energetic burst of lezim music and dance to usher in with great aplomb Fr. Adolph Furtado, Rector, Fr. Tony D'souza , ex-Provincial, Ms. Ingrid Rasquinha, Chief Guest and other dignitaries to the inaugural day function of the Golden jubilee celebrations of St. Joseph's Industrial Training Institute at the Don Bosco Centre for Learning campus, Kurla.

It was an evening of spectacular performances woven together with harmonious voices and rhythmic steps of graceful dancers both individuals and groups. A rich fusion of the classical and the modern representing fifty years gone by seamlessly blending with the vibrant present and tinged with what the future beckons, a showcase of the inexhaustible reservoir of talent existing in DBCL.

There was indeed a Salesian flavor to the evening, where students their  educators, Salesians, parents, past pupils, cooperators and well wishers came together to celebrate with gratitude to the Lord the abundance of His Providence sho
wered on the campus of Don Bosco Centre for Learning.Fr. Mario Vaz welcomed the guests and reminded the audience of the significance of this inaugural  function.

The felicitation of the past Rectors Fr. Mario Vaz, and Fr. Colbert Da Silva responsible for the founding of Don Bosco Institute of Technology and Don Bosco Maritime Academy as well as the first Principals of the Engineering College (Don Bosco Institute of Technology), Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy and of Don Bosco Maritime Academy, Mr. G.A. Soman was
anchored by Fr. Adolph Furtado, Rector of DBCL. Each member felicitated was presented with a plaque and medallion. Fr. Rector expressly thanked not only those who were facilitated but also all the Faculty and staff who have truly made DBCL into a campus one can be proud of.

 Fr. Tony D'Souza, ex-Provincial who had given permission for the Engineering College and the Maritime Academy when he was Provincial, expressed his unabashed pride in what he termed as a miracle which has taken place in the last fifty years. He emphasized the grit needed to build an Institution. Ms. Ingrid Rasquinha, Joint Managing Director, Electropneumatics  & Hydraulics(I) Pvt. Ltd. the chief guest, emphasized the importance of the Faculty in molding the students into becoming good citizens of the country. Ms. Ingrid also gave a message to the students to understand what an educational institution, especially a Catholic Educational institution, gives to students. And students should never forget their alma mater and make their country proud.
Fr. Colbert da Silva felicitated five alumni belonging to the first batch of students who had  joined and graduated from St. Josephs' Indus
trial Training Institute fifty years ago. It was extremely heartening to see these past pupils being acknowledged in front of a packed hall of over five hundred people. Fr. Colbert da Silva together with these past pupils and Fr. Corlis lit a lantern and declared the Golden Jubilee Celebrations open. This lantern will burn 24x7 next to the statue of St. Joseph located at the entrance of the DBCL campus.

All those who were living and were involved in the building of the DBCL campus and its institutions right through its fifty years but  were now handling other responsibilities elsewhere, were remembered.  Also  all those who were involved with the various institutions on the DBCL campus but had passed on, were remembered in a very unique and touching way.

Mr. Conrad Saldanha then  gave a brief summary of the various initiatives which have been planned during the Golden Jubilee Year and what DBCL would stand for in the next fifty years. Mr. Amaar Prabhu concluded the function by giving a vote of thanks. The function was ably anchored by Ms. Elenka. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


by BIS Correspondent

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, APRIL 15, 2014:Thirty-eight young campers boarded the train to Madhya Pradesh, along with seven energetic animators from the Bandra Terminus station on April 1, 2014. On their arrival at Meghnagar station, the Rector of Don Bosco, Jhabua, Fr. Royal Dabre sdb welcomed the group. After a quick breakfast, Fr. Dabre spoke to the group about the activities that the institute was involved in. Thereon, the campers journeyed to their next destination- Don Bosco, Alirajpur.  

'Mission As Reaching Out' was the theme for the first day and right enough the boys had an experience of reaching out to different situations during the course of the day.  The campers had a lovely one-on-one experience of basketball and football with the boarders living there. They then also made their respective commitments for the camp. The Eucharistic celebration helped to calm them down after a long day. A reflection on the day helped in recollecting moments when they reached out.

The next morning the campers travelled to Don Bosco, Chhota Udaipur, Gujarat. The campers learnt the value of cleanliness by spending some time in cleaning up the place. The group had a close encounter with the culture of the place as they visited the 'Hat' market, the village and the local museum. In thirty years the campers managed to draw the match against the boarders of Don Bosco Chhota Udaipur in a game of football. The Eucharist focussed on the theme of the day: 'Mission as Understanding Culture'. The camp fire brought the day to a very joyful end.

The next day, the campers journeyed by bus to the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Dam and even had an opportunity to see the powerhouse of the dam. The youngsters thought of it, as an out of the way experience. They travelled to the Don Bosco, Kawant and had a dip in the pool to cool down.  Returning back to the house of Chhota Udaipur they joined the boys in Ratwa revelry. After supper the campers had an opportunity to showcase their talent in a minute to fame competition. 

Waking up early next morning, the campers headed for a village in Narukot. After visiting the area where a watershed project had been started they travelled to Don Bosco Narukot. After a quick tour of the place they journeyed to Baroda to visit the Carmelite Sisters and the Missionaries of Charity sisters. The group had an insightful dialogue with them. At Don Bosco Parish, Baroda, the campers interacted with the youth of the parish and then left for Don Bosco Snehalaya, a home for orphans. The campers then received their certificates and after an overall evalution of the camp they left for the station to board the train for Mumbai. Thanks to all the volunteers and campers for making  this mission camp a meaningful experience.

Friday, April 4, 2014


by Bento D’Souza

BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, APRIL 4, 2014:  On 31st March 2014, a group of twenty people went through the high ways as well as the byways of the City of Ahmednagar in search for churches before which they could pray the Way of the cross. They were accompanied by Frs. Nelson Falcao and Bento D’Souza.

The Cross was carried and at each stop the Way of the cross prayer was recited amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Many stops were made along churches of Protestant origin as well as Catholic denomination, the main ones being at Social center and the Vincentian Tabor Ashram. At the last stop at Kedgaon, Fr. Jameson Thomas preached to the people and concluded the walk with the celebration of the Eucharist, officiated by the Parish Priest, Fr Falcao. 


by Mrs. Valerie Desouza

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, APRIL 4, 2014: Graduation day is a small way of saying thank you to the teachers for the lovely years spent in the primary section. On the 24th of March the students of Std IV of Don Bosco High School, Borivli, bid a fond farewell to the Primary section as they geared up to enter the secondary section in the coming academic year.

The boys were welcomed into the hall with flower petals being showered on them by the management and staff. The programme began with the Lighting of the lamp. The boys then sang a farewell song. Dances were performed by the first standard students. Two boys delivered speeches on how they spent their days in the pre-primary and primary section. The Std IV boys sang “We can achieve”.

The Rector Rev. Fr. William Falcao in his speech, wish the boys all the very best for the future. A scroll was presented to every students by the management and teachers. The Principal Rev. Fr. George Carlos gave the vote of thanks.