Wednesday, April 16, 2014


by Philomena Fernandes

NORTH ARABIAN VICARIATE, APRIL 16, 2014: A special half-day retreat was held on Saturday, April 5, for the children of St Therese Church in Kuwait who were preparing themselves to be soldiers of Christ through their Confirmation, to help them put on the Armour of God. The Preacher, Fr. Franco Pereira sdb welcomed the children and began the first session by teaching the children "How to Pray". He then went on to teach them the three simple steps of making a prayer to God – Praise, Petition and Thanksgiving.

In the second session, Fr. Franco re-acquainted them with the Holy Bible. He emphasized that the Bible is a book that gives Information, that leads to a person's formation and results in transformation.In the final session, the children enthusiastically completed an activity on the "Ten Commandments", after which they were led to understand each Commandment, with Bible references and examples.The Retreat concluded with a meaningful Garden Mass, leaving the children with the beautiful message that each of them was unique in God's sight just as each flower has its own beauty and uniqueness.

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