Wednesday, April 16, 2014


by Mr. Conrad Saldanha

KURLA-MUMBAI, APRIL 16, 2014: On March 22, 2014 at approximately 6.15 pm there was an energetic burst of lezim music and dance to usher in with great aplomb Fr. Adolph Furtado, Rector, Fr. Tony D'souza , ex-Provincial, Ms. Ingrid Rasquinha, Chief Guest and other dignitaries to the inaugural day function of the Golden jubilee celebrations of St. Joseph's Industrial Training Institute at the Don Bosco Centre for Learning campus, Kurla.

It was an evening of spectacular performances woven together with harmonious voices and rhythmic steps of graceful dancers both individuals and groups. A rich fusion of the classical and the modern representing fifty years gone by seamlessly blending with the vibrant present and tinged with what the future beckons, a showcase of the inexhaustible reservoir of talent existing in DBCL.

There was indeed a Salesian flavor to the evening, where students their  educators, Salesians, parents, past pupils, cooperators and well wishers came together to celebrate with gratitude to the Lord the abundance of His Providence sho
wered on the campus of Don Bosco Centre for Learning.Fr. Mario Vaz welcomed the guests and reminded the audience of the significance of this inaugural  function.

The felicitation of the past Rectors Fr. Mario Vaz, and Fr. Colbert Da Silva responsible for the founding of Don Bosco Institute of Technology and Don Bosco Maritime Academy as well as the first Principals of the Engineering College (Don Bosco Institute of Technology), Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy and of Don Bosco Maritime Academy, Mr. G.A. Soman was
anchored by Fr. Adolph Furtado, Rector of DBCL. Each member felicitated was presented with a plaque and medallion. Fr. Rector expressly thanked not only those who were facilitated but also all the Faculty and staff who have truly made DBCL into a campus one can be proud of.

 Fr. Tony D'Souza, ex-Provincial who had given permission for the Engineering College and the Maritime Academy when he was Provincial, expressed his unabashed pride in what he termed as a miracle which has taken place in the last fifty years. He emphasized the grit needed to build an Institution. Ms. Ingrid Rasquinha, Joint Managing Director, Electropneumatics  & Hydraulics(I) Pvt. Ltd. the chief guest, emphasized the importance of the Faculty in molding the students into becoming good citizens of the country. Ms. Ingrid also gave a message to the students to understand what an educational institution, especially a Catholic Educational institution, gives to students. And students should never forget their alma mater and make their country proud.
Fr. Colbert da Silva felicitated five alumni belonging to the first batch of students who had  joined and graduated from St. Josephs' Indus
trial Training Institute fifty years ago. It was extremely heartening to see these past pupils being acknowledged in front of a packed hall of over five hundred people. Fr. Colbert da Silva together with these past pupils and Fr. Corlis lit a lantern and declared the Golden Jubilee Celebrations open. This lantern will burn 24x7 next to the statue of St. Joseph located at the entrance of the DBCL campus.

All those who were living and were involved in the building of the DBCL campus and its institutions right through its fifty years but  were now handling other responsibilities elsewhere, were remembered.  Also  all those who were involved with the various institutions on the DBCL campus but had passed on, were remembered in a very unique and touching way.

Mr. Conrad Saldanha then  gave a brief summary of the various initiatives which have been planned during the Golden Jubilee Year and what DBCL would stand for in the next fifty years. Mr. Amaar Prabhu concluded the function by giving a vote of thanks. The function was ably anchored by Ms. Elenka. 

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