Wednesday, May 21, 2014


by Fr. McEnroe Lopes sdb

MUMBAI-WADALA, MAY 21, 2014: Life, they say is built upon challenges, and youthfulness is a time of vigour, of growth and of change.  Meeting the challenges of the children was the most interesting part of the summer club and it was organized to radicalize the lives of our children and put it in the right track, that is, in the way of God our Creator, to whom they owe thanks for the success of the camp. A ceremony was held in the church hall on Saturday, May 10, 2014, to mark the end of the 'St. Dominic Savio Church Summer Club, 2014'. The occasion was graced by the Chief Guest, Fr. Gregory Almeida, the new Rector of Don Bosco Shelter, Wadala.  Other distinguished guests included - Fr. Vincent Rasquinha, Fr. Mathew Thalanany, Fr. Diego Nunes, Fr. McEnroe Lopes, Cl. Roshan Gonsalves, the Conossian Sisters, Mrs. Aranha, Benefactors and the children along with their parents.

250 children participated in the programme, held under the auspices of the Parish Team and the hard work of Cl. Gonsalves and our vibrant Youth Group. The summer camp provided a platform, for the children to learn different things, as well as play and have fun, to communicate with one other which bridged gaps and enabled the children to learn from one another. These activities were designed to utilize skills learned, and show off the individual talent of each child. Children who took part in the Summer Club put up various programmes for the closing ceremony, to show off the skills they learned, during the summer club. Mrs. Aranha also exhibited, the work done by participants, in the drawing course.  

Fr. Rasquinha welcomed and felicitated the guests and then shared a few inspiring words with the children, and also expressed gratitude, for the support of every member of the Parish team, especially Cl. Gonsalves, the Youth and Don Bosco Shelter, for being extremely generous, in providing items for the various activities, and all those involved, in making the summer club a great success. Fr. Almeida then felicitated the children, for their participation in all the competitions organized during the summer club and also gave away the prizes.  The children were filled with glee and their parents were all proud of them. The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks, by Clifford Saldhana, one of the volunteers of the Summer Club.

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