Wednesday, June 4, 2014


by Br. Sandeep

SULCORNA-GOA, JUNE 4, 2014: A summer camp was organized for the boys of Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala at Sulcorna from May 3-29. Twenty six boys travelled to the camp site to discover something new this summer.  The theme of the summer camp 2014 was "It's a summer to discover". On the first day itself the boys were given a camp bag containing all the camp articles which they would require for the month.

On May 5, in the evening the camp was inaugurated by Fr. Benette, the Administrator of Sulcorna. During his inaugural talk he wished the boys good luck in discovering something new. The boys were divided into two teams, summer riders and warriors for the duration of the camp. Party games, nature collage making, full day treasure hunt, explanation of various departments and religions, outings, picnics, English week, football coaching, art work, political chair, gardening, camp-fire and other such activities kept t
he boys busy all throughout the camp.

The boys enjoyed all the activities which were a blend of information and entertainment. They had a lovely time relish
ing the various kinds of fruits available in the compound abundantly.  The special attraction of the camp were the swimming spots in the premises.  The boys were also introduced to writing the camp diary which many of the boys took very seriously and did a brilliant job at it.

 The campers also experienced the early rains in the month of May itself in Sulcorna. The camp was a grand success and the boys really had great time. A special thanks to the community of Don Bosco, Sulcorna for their hospitality and providing with the premises for the camp. The camp was possible due to various arrangements and planning which were carried out by Fr. Jesu, Br. Vincent and Br. Sandeep, the volunteers and the staff members. The boys left Sulcorna on May 29, in the morning to travel back to Shelter Don Bosco with broad smiles on their faces, gratefulness in their hearts and a caption ringing in their minds, "yes, I have discovered something new this summer".

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