Saturday, June 7, 2014


by Cl. Mavron Fernandes

KAWANT – GUJARAT, JUNE 7, 2014: Fr. Daresh Rathwa celebrated his first mass as a newly ordained in Don Bosco, Kawant for the 9:30 am Eucharistic service. Many other Salesian priests and sisters of the neighboring communities made their presence felt.

Fr. Daresh offered his first mass as a thanksgiving offering to Jesus and our Lady for all the years of support and strength that they had provided him with. He being the first Salesian priest of the Rathwa tribe, many locals from the nearby villages joined in the celebrations. A short felicitation followed after the Eucharist. Fr. Daresh spoke a few words on how he spent fruitful years in the boarding at Kawant, met Fr. Ivan De'Souza, heard the voice of God, confronted his people to his decision of converting to Catholicism and further on following the footsteps of Don Bosco.

There were a lot of wishes for Fr. Daresh and blessings for his future ministry. Setting an example as that of the first Salesian from the Rathwa tribe, we hope to see some more join the Salesian Congregation and carry on serving the Lord in the footsteps of Our Father and Founder Don Bosco.

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