Wednesday, June 25, 2014


by Fr. Bento D'Souza

BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, JUNE 25, 2014: The first round of the visits to the Basic Christian Community was done by Fr.  Nelson Falcao and Fr. Bento D'Souza on June 18, 2014. In all nine zones were visited except for Bura Nagar and Vaidhya Colony. The parish Priest stressed that in prayer the personal pronoun, 'I', to be always used to relate and connect with the Gospel Reading on 'The Body & Blood of Christ', not the gathering or the circumstances and situations of life.

After much insistence, all the groups met in the designated house and performed the seven step method of Gospel prayer under the guidance of the Parish Council Members. In each group, the parish leaders spent some time encouraging the people to take the Gospel seriously into their lives and also apply the same in their relationship with their neighbours.

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