Monday, July 21, 2014


by Ms. Lynette Sequeira

BORIVLI – MUMBAI, JULY 21, 2014: In order to build up and further strengthen the house system, the Principal, Fr. Donald Fernandez suggested the concept of a weekly one hour activity period, to the staff of the Secondary Section of Don Bosco High School, Borivli. The first activity period of the year was held on Monday, July 14, 2014. The Middle School and the Higher Secondary students would henceforth have, either an indoor intellectually stimulating activity or an outdoor activity, every alternate week.

In order to make the activity period possible every Monday, the time duration of the remaining 10 periods of the day have been shortened by 5 minutes to give the students an 'Activity Period' of an hour at the end of the day. During this time frame they could either enjoy themselves in an outdoor sports related activity or an indoor activity like a subject-wise or a General Knowledge Quiz, a Debate, etc. Points were allotted to all the 4 Houses according to their performance, which ensured that the students participated whole-heartedly. 

Planning an innovative indoor and outdoor activity every week, right through the academic year, would be a stimulating challenge for the teachers as well; but it would hopefully enable the staff to use their creativity and be in touch with the things that the students love. It was expressed that the students would to be looking forward to the last period of the day every Monday very enthusiastically. In the true spirit of a Don Bosco institution, they hoped that these weekly activities would help the students to develop their body and mind, even as they have fun.

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