Tuesday, July 29, 2014


by Pawanjit Singh

DEVLALI-NASHIK, JULY 29, 2014: St. Patrick's Parish, Devlali celebrated the parents and grandparents' day on the occasion of the feast of St. Joachim and St. Anne. The event was organized under the leadership of the youth group of the parish in collaboration with the parish fathers, catechism children and teachers on July 27, 2014.

The celebration commenced with the Holy Eucharist invoking God's blessing on all the parents and grandparents. A rose was offered to each parent and grandparent before they entered the church, as a token of gratitude and love for them. The Holy Mass was presided over by Fr. Nolasco Gomez and concelebrated by Fr. Sandeep. In his introduction and homily Fr. Nolasco thanked the parents and the grandparents for all their contribution in the lives of their children and grandchildren. He also invited the congregation to pray for their good health. The catechism children added color to the celebration with their melodious singing under the guidance of Mr. Aloysius. There was a lively and active participation from all the people. 

After the Eucharistic celebration a short cultural programme was staged. These light moments that were created were very emotional and put across a message to the parents and the grandparents. The catechism children performed dance, skit and action songs. The youth also sang a song and two of them performed a dance. The young people had also made arrangements for refreshment which was served during the programme. The whole event was meticulously planned and well executed. People were happy and expressed their thanks to all the organizers especially the youth of the parish. 

The young people also made a visit to the cemetery to pray for all those parents and grandparents who had gone to their heavenly home. They were led into a short prayer by one of the brothers after which they placed roses on the tombs of their loved ones. This was a very thoughtful gesture from their part to remember the ones who made a valuable contribution in their lives. After the visit to the cemetery the youth left for their homes.

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