Wednesday, August 6, 2014


by Cl Ian Pinto sdb

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 6, 2014: The brothers of Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy, staged a musical entitled 'Youth at Love', on August 2 and 3 in the auditorium hall at Divyadaan. The theme of the musical was in keeping with the bi-centenary of Don Bosco's birth and thus based on Don Bosco's Preventive System.

The story revolved around a cleric, Shawn, who is appointed to a boarding and school as an assistant and a teacher, and a group of boys comprising both day scholars and boarders. The various dynamics that occur between students, students and teachers, and between teachers are portrayed. Two new teachers who join the school are faced with the challenge of practising the Preventive System instead of the Repressive System. The latter part of the musical is one of reconciliation and acceptance, as the boarders and day scholars cease fighting and become friends and the new teachers absorb and practice the preventive system.

The staging of a musical is an annual feature of Divyadaan. The brothers put in a lot of hard work over the past month to prepare for the musical. Everything from the lights, sound, music, backdrop, place set-up to the publicity was handled by the brothers themselves. The shows had an attendance of over 600 people. Based on the feedback received it was concluded that it was a successful venture. The musical presented the educative method of Don Bosco viz. the Preventive System in an attractive and inspiring way.

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