Thursday, August 14, 2014


by Fr. Cedrick Sankul

SAVEDI-AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 14,  2014: On August 10, 2014, St. John Bosco Parish, Savedi Ahmednagar celebrated Vianney Sunday as the feast of Parish Priests.  Under the leadership of Sr. Mangal Kolge, FMA and Mr. Bramhne the catechist of the parish, the parish council members and the men's sodality of Sacred Heart of Jesus animated the programme.

Fr. Manuel Murzello, the Parish Priest and Assistant Parish Priests Frs. Francis Fernandes, Anthony Goyal, and Cedrick Sankul were felicitated.  The Eucharist was animated by 'Prem' that began with the washing of the feet of the priests'. The sermon was preached by Mr. Jagan Jagdane, one of the parish council members who illustrated the life of St. John Mary Vianney and also spoke about the sacrifices made by priests of the parish to help the parishioners to grow in spirituality.  The Grace choir enhanced the Eucharist with their melodious singing.

At the end of the mass all the priests were felicitated and given gifts by the parish council members, sodality of Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sunday school children. The youth group too came forward to say a word of gratitude to the fathers. After the celebration of the Eucharist the students of standard X and XII who had passed in their board exams were felicitated by the parish. The youth of the parish were in charge of this part of the programme. They gave each student a gift.  There were 30 students who were honoured. All the parishioners were given Prasad after mass.  The programme ended with the distribution of snacks that was sponsored by parish council members for the priests.

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