Sunday, August 17, 2014


by Cl. Chris Ferreira and Cl. Ian Pinto

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 16, 2014: Fr Chrys Saldanha who has been serving at the Salesian Generalate for the past 17 years was down in India for his vacation. He was invited by Fr Kenneth Pereira, the novice master and councillor for formation (for the Province of Mumbai), to Nashik to address the Salesians of the formation houses in the Nashik area. Fr Chrys, addressed the Salesians on two days: August 14 and 15, in 2 sessions of about an hour and a half each, regarding the deliberations and discussions of the 27th General Chapter.

Fr. Kenneth introduced Fr Chrys, in addition to introducing the topic that Fr Chrys would be speaking on, viz. GC 27. Fr Chrys proceeded systematically in his presentation of the chapter. He began with 'the call to be Mystics'. "We Salesians", he said "are called to be close to God. Our call is one of discipleship, to be with Jesus and to go out and work for young people. The chapter calls us to be Prophets of fraternity. Solitude can be overcome only by communion and so, our communion in the community will become a witness to those broken families among the laity who seek meaning and happiness in family life. The chapter calls us to build up better inter-personal relationships. We are called to be Servants of the young and not bosses and administrators."

 He emphasized on working for poor and abandoned youth which took on new forms in today's world. A few questions were raised and Fr Chrys gave suitable responses to them. Thereafter, he concluded by rapidly going over the deliberations of the chapter.

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