Sunday, August 17, 2014


by Fr. Xavier Devadas

KARJAT-RAIGAD, AUGUST 16, 2014: In an age when atrocities against women, girls and even children have increased the festival of Raksha Bandhan comes as an antidote and an opportunity to sensitize and educate society towards respecting, protecting and loving female members of the society. On the other hand boys who live in boarding schools miss their families on such occasions. Don Bosco Karjat, houses 60 trainees from all over Maharashtra.

Sensing their mood and need the in-house cook, whom they lovingly call 'Maushi' and her daughter of their own initiative brought 'Rakhis' and sweets for each of them on August 10,2014. Instantly, there was an electrifying swing in the spirit of the boys; the hall was prepared in a jiffy, the aarti plate was decorated and all the inmates gathered to celebrate this occasion of love. Fr. Xavier Devadas explained the need to understand the meaning and the responsibility of Raksha Bandhan. He said "More than ever today we need to respect, accept, love and protect women without any discrimination. Love goes much beyond lust and with loving kindness we can extend our bonds of friendship much beyond our immediate family". Brother Savio D'mello led the gathering through spiritual Bhajans.

As Maushi and her daughter did the aarti and tied a Rakhi to each boy, the atmosphere boomed with sentiments of sheer love and appreciation. As the rakhi's were firmly tied and the sweets melted in the mouth, hope and good spirits emerged from the hearts.  Finally Fr. Devadas added, "All is not lost, there is still hope that India can arise. Men/Youth can arise and love and protect every female as ones sister, mother or as a friend."

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