Tuesday, August 19, 2014


by Fr. Cedrick Sankul

SAVEDI-AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 19, 2014: August 16, 2014 marked a memorable day for mission of Ahmednagar as it inaugurated the Bicentenary of Don Bosco Birth at Savedi.  Fr. Anthony Goyal was the main organizer of the programme. The programme started with a school assembly under the guidance of Fr. Francis Fernandes and Tr. Pushpa Sagelgire, where information and presentation of skit on Don Bosco's life was presented.
At 9:30 a.m. all the Salesians of the Ahmednagar mission gathered to remember Don Bosco. The boarding boys sang a hymn to Don Bosco after which the statue of Don Bosco was carried in palanquin by all the Salesians in a procession to the hall. The programme started with a welcome song and a dance by students of Auxilium Convent School. Fr. Manuel the mission superior and the head of the institution gave a welcome speech and cut the cake in honour Don Bosco's Birthday. 

Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra through a V.E.P. with the help of Bro. Ramesh Durairaj, put a Marathi lauvni, the parishioners of St. Anne Church with the support of Frs. Thomas D'costa and Rolvin D'mello, put a small skit on the dreams of Don Bosco, Don Bosco Vidhalaya with the help of Frs. Francis Fernandes, Cedrick Sankul and Tr. Pushpa Sagelgire, depicted Don Bosco's Preventive system through a small skit, English Medium school with the help of Fr. Anthony Goyal and Tr. Cindrella Coutino  presented a small musical on Don Bosco's life, and Don Bosco Valunj, Aurangabad with the help of Frs. Paul Antao and George D'abreo through the Self Help Group ladies illustrated a skit showing how the presence of Don Bosco institution had helped them to overcome the exploitation of landlordship (savkargiri) in their villages.

Fr. Nelson Falcao gave a speech explaining the history of Ahmednagar which started 400 years ago and leading the history to the coming of Don Bosco institutions in these areas which helped the people, especially the villages in the development of their social, economic, spiritual and psycho-emotional aspects.  At the end Fr. Thomas D'Costa thanked all the organizers, participants and the house of Savedi for looking into all the minute details of hosting this programme.  At the end of the programme snacks was served to all the participants and a feasting lunch was given to all the religious who were present for the programme.

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