Tuesday, August 26, 2014


by Pre-Novice Andre Lionel and Fr. Brian Moras sdb

PINGULI-KUDAL, AUGUST 26, 2014: On August 24, 2014, a team led by Fr. Anil Fernandes, SVD (Retreat preacher from the Divine Retreat Centre at Mulki) of nine anointed youngsters from the chapel at Pilar in Shirva (Karnataka) conducted a Retreat for the parishioners at the Quasi Parish at Nerur.  That same evening, the same team conducted a Night Vigil for the Pre-Novices at Pinguli.

The topics dwelled on in the parish were related to God's Love; Things that take me away from God, the Seven Cardinal Sins, Mother Mary and the Sacrament of Confession.  The sessions were interspersed with Praise and Worship, Testimonies and meaningful Skits.  The sacrament of Reconciliation was well prepared for and administered. The Retreat concluded with Adoration, Deliverance and Anointing and the Holy Eucharist.  The parishioners of Nerur and a few surrounding parishes went away deeply touched and happy. One of the parish council members called it "the best experience in a very long time- mast zale Fr. Brian,"she said.

Fr. Anil spoke to the Pre-Novices on 'Faith' and 'The Seven Cardinal Sins'.  The use of practical examples, Praise and Worship, testimonies and two brief skits, helped the Pre-Novices to come closer to God and build a deeper relationship with him.  The Night-Vigil concluded with an 'Adoration and Inner-Healing Service'.  Apart from Fr. Anil, all were impressed with the presence and example of the nine youngsters from Pilar Mass Centre who helped Fr. Anil in conducting the programme. Kudos to the Rector, Fr. Maxim who invited the team and personally accompanied the youngsters as they grew up at the mass centre at Pilar, Shirva.

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