Wednesday, August 27, 2014


by Romero D' Souza sdb

NAIGAON-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 27, 2014: A half day seminar from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm was held on August 24 at Don Bosco Naigaon East. It was an enriching and nourishing moment for the Catechism Teachers of the Diocese of Vasai. This seminar was organized by the Diocese of Vasai under the able guidance of Fr Caesar Dabre. It was practical hands-on information to help the catechists to be oriented toward the growth of faith with proper knowledge to impart to their catechism children. 

The aim of the seminar was to give inputs on how to present Faith Formation. The point of emphasis in the first talk was basically to revive the spirit of the catechists. The preacher based his talks on Jesus' teachings and life, and elaborating on the theme of faith and life with the help of creative and reflective videos which were given by Fr Orville Coutinho sdb. Fr Orville also acknowledged the teachers for the service and sacrifice they rendered in training and forming young children and the youth to faith. After the first talk they had an ice-breaker game organized by the Catechism teachers of Naigaon East (Miss Priscilla Pereira and Miss Velanie Pereira and Mr. Anthony Dias) wherein the teachers had time to interact with others from different parishes.

The second talk was given by Fr Prashant Saldanha belonging to the diocese of Vasai who elaborated on some key concepts important for the catechists to note in teaching the children. He later on delved on the theme (teacher, acharya, guru) asking the catechists to carry the baton of faith by evoking the importance of faith and sacraments. The session concluded with Fr Caesar inviting the Catechists to be present for such occasions as a sign of belongingness to one Church. Miss Esther Chettiar delivered the vote of thanks to the Diocese of Vasai for organizing this seminar as well as to the community of Don Bosco, Naigaon for hosting the seminar. 

The positive response of this seminar illustrated beautifully a greater understanding and appreciation for the teachings of the Church which is given in Sacred Scripture and Apostolic Tradition, and so comprehensively presented in the Catechism. The purpose of this seminar was to help catechists to enter into a fuller living, loving relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. One of the participants expressed, "Such seminars would help raise one's awareness of the life of a disciple and the call to service rooted in love."

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