Friday, September 5, 2014


by Cl. Jerome Edison

DAKOR-GUJARAT, SEPTEMBER 5, 2014: The community of Don Bosco, Dakor inaugurated the Bicentenary year of Don Bosco's birth on August 30, 2014. The occasion was graced with the presence of Fr. Ivan, who is the Rector of Don Bosco, Kapadvanj.  

The programme began with a hymn of praise to honour God for the gift of Don Bosco. The effect of Don Bosco on the school and various other fields was elaborately explained to the students. The dignitaries for the programme were Fr. Ivan and Sr. Rita, the superior of Pushpanjali. Fr. Ivan, in his speech mentioned that, "Don Bosco is a great friend and father of youth. This still remains a live fact which is translated in the followers of Don Bosco's congregation. He did not act much –he acted. He did not write long and elaborate treatises – his life and work became the model. His success hinged on the Preventive System of Education with its three vital components – Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness."

He added saying that, "Don Bosco made every boy to feel that he is loved in a very personal and unique way. He was able to exhort with words of love and sacrifice; 'For You I Live, For You I Study, and For You I Die.' More than a half a century after his death, he continues to stir up the church and educational circles with his novel approach, commitment and dedication." He further said that, "Every Salesian gets an opportunity to witness this kind of love and sacrifice of Don Bosco made immortal and legendary. Inspired by Don Bosco, a man of nature and grace, and following preventive system of Education, the Salesians transform to make the young good and useful citizens and thus strive to usher in God's Kingdom that is characterized by justice, peace, tolerance and joy." Finally Fr. Ivan exclaimed, "Let's learn and know Don Bosco to become transformers of hearts and minds in today's worlds' vast complexities. Jai Don Bosco."

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