Thursday, September 11, 2014


by Bertha D'sa

NORTH ARABIAN VICARIATE, SEPTEMBER 10, 2014: On September 5, 2014 which is traditionally celebrated as Teachers Day in India, the St. Therese Parish in the Northern Arabian Vicariate was buzzing with the sounds of children and teachers alike; bright eyed for start of the new Catechetical year. The new Catechetical year was launched with a Holy Mass celebrated by the Catechetical Director for the Vicariate, Fr. Franco Pereira along with the Parish Priest, Fr. Blany Pinto.
A warm welcome and heartfelt thanks was extended to all the children, Catechists and parents present.  Fr. Franco congratulated the parish for having the highest number of teachers among all the four parishes in Kuwait.  His homily was centered on people's relationship with God which is characterized by Love, Charity and Reconciliation. St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, whose feast was also celebrated on that day was a fitting example of God's love for humanity.  Fr. Franco concluded with the saying "If we judge people we have no time to love them". 

The Catechists assembled to take the Pledge before the Nicene Creed, after which they were inducted and blessed. "It was nice to see so many Catechists; it felt like the arms of the Church were extending to all the Catechists all around.  Like Mother Mary 'do what my son says'" exclaimed Evelyn D'souza. While Myra D'souza said, "Being commissioned and pledging to do my best to teach the faith to the little ones entrusted to me reminded me of the enormous trust placed in us Catechists.  God will provide the grace we need."

Fr. Blany expressed his sincere thanks to Fr. Franco and Francis Sam for their service to the Vicariate. He also thanked the Don Bosco Management for providing us the school premises to conduct the classes each weekend. And finally, he thanked the Catechists and their families who supported them for imparting the faith to their children. "I was in awe from the beginning to the end of the service. I feel truly called to work in God's vineyard and blessed to be a part of His great plan" said Paloma D'sa Rodrigues as she was leaving the induction ceremony.

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