Thursday, September 11, 2014


by Rupali D'souza

                                                                                  "Oh! What a Splendid Surprise to step into our classes – to a Welcoming Class."
BORIVLI-MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 11, 2014: On Septenber 4, 2014 the celebration for teacher's day began with a special Assembly for all the Primary Teachers, that was conducted by the Co-ordinator, Mrs. Marina Desouza. Children delivered a speech through the intercom appreciating their teachers. Beautiful songs on Teacher's Day were played during the assembly.

Thereafter the P.T.A members of each class felicitated their teacher with a decorative card and a flower bouquet. Children entertained their teachers with dances, songs and speeches. Later, a short programme was organized by the Vice-President Mrs. Mariolla Kostaka along with all the P.T.A members in the Primary A.V Hall. Teachers were surprised to see the tree full of yellow and pink hearts with acronyms on it ( Their names explained with their qualities).

All the teachers were given beautifully decorated sapling pots as a token of appreciation. Rev. Fr. Donald and Mrs. Marina together sang a melodious song for the teachers. The P.T.A members too, entertained the teachers with their singing. Paul Kostaka and Kennan Trinidade of class III A delivered an inspiring speech for all the teachers. The programme concluded with a cake cutting ceremony and by giving a small token of appreciation to the P.T.A members, thanking them for all their efforts.

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