Wednesday, September 17, 2014


by Susan D'costa

NORTH ARABIAN VICARIATE, SEPTEMBER 15, 2014: On Tuesday, September 9, 2014 a talk on "The DB Way" was organized for the Salesian Cooperators, by their delegate Fr. Blany Pinto sdb. About 30 cooperators participated in this event. The evening began with Fr. Blany Pinto, welcoming the cooperators to the programme. The talk was given by Fr. Franco Pereira sdb. Fr. Franco began the session by presenting the three basic methods of raising and educating children – Repressive, Preventive and Expressive methods of education. He then proceeded to explain each method in greater detail.

He said,"The Repressive Method is centered more on the goal to be achieved. In this method of education parents control their children by fear and threat of punishment. Teachers use the cane and other sorts of punishment to get children to obey. The Preventive method is typically used when dealing with juveniles in remand homes. Through this method, educators aim to steer youth away from crime and consequently away from punishments for their crimes. This method involves educating the youth about their fundamental rights and how to avoid becoming victims of abuse. Here, the reasons of a law are explained whilst they are given a warning to respect it lest they get punished."

And finally,"The Expressive Method is a method that encourages students to showcase their talents. Expressions go hand in hand with Preventive education. Experimental learning, talent-searching, skill-development and training for livelihoods – all these possibilities are made available in order to create the positive reinforcement needed for a healthy self-esteem and for growth in self-recognition."

Having laid out the basics, Fr. Franco then introduced the group to Don Bosco's approach to education – a judicious mix of the Preventive and Expressive methods. The teacher's influence on the child would be the teacher's presence (Rapport, Reason and Religion) where the child's growth is met in his emotional, rational and spiritual needs. Fr. Franco concluded by stating that the 3 basic needs Emotional (Rapport), Rational (Reason) and Spiritual (Religion) were very important for every Salesian. He then ended the session with a prayer and blessing. Everyone who attended this talk found it illuminating and enriching. Evelyn, one of the cooperators remarked "The talk was really amazing! It will help me a long way – as parent, catechist and cooperator."

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