Saturday, September 20, 2014


by Marina D'costa
KHANDWA - MADHYA PRADESH, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014: Caritas India hosted Prabhav 4 under the Jeevika Project, at Khandwa Diocesan Social Service Pastoral Centre from September 10-12, 2014. Jeevika is one of Caritas India's finest project on sustainable livelihood with seven partnering dioceses of Madhya Pradesh. Jeevika is also supported by Caritas Spain. All the seven directors, Co-ordinators, Cluster Co-ordinators and Field Co-ordinators, along with the accountants of the project were present for this programme. Mr. Vinod Pandey, Project Officer for Projects and Advocacy from Caritas India was present along with three representatives of Caritas India.

One of the aspects in this community based approach project of Jeevika focuses on savings and financial inclusion. The Don Bosco Research Centre (DBRC) under the project of Social and Financial Inclusion has collaborated with Caritas India Jeevika project for Financial Inclusion. Ms. Marina D'costa, Project Co-ordinator of the Social and Financial Inclusion programme participated for Prabhav 4 (Impact Assessment phase of Jeevika project) as a resource person and she also visited the fields of the project. On the third day, she conducted a session on 'Financial Inclusion' based on her learning of the Jeevika project.

The financial literacy model has a research component and is designed in a unique way for different partners in order to suit the community needs. DBRC is also in solidarity with Caritas India's International Campaign on "One Human Family, Food for All", a campaign to eradicate hunger.  DBRC thanked Caritas India and Mr. Vinod Pandey for their support and congratulated them for the work they did under the Jeevika Project.

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