Wednesday, September 24, 2014


by Ian Lemos

AHMEDNAGAR-MAHARASHTRA, SEPTEMBER 24, 2014: The parish of St. Anne's, Ahmednagar organized an "Evening with Mary" for the youth of the parish. The probable vocations of the parishes of: St. Anne's, Don Bosco – Savedi and St. John's – Bhingar were also present for the event. The response was truly phenomenal with hundred and thirty eight youth participating in the programme. The focus of this event was to bring the youth closer to Our Blessed Mother.

The programme began at 5.30 pm with a prayer service, followed by a talk by Fr. Thomas D'costa during which he welcomed the gathering and spoke on the topic "Have devotion to Mother Mary and see what miracles are". The programme consisted of various games, video presentations, quizzes and other activities which aimed at inspiration through entertainment. All these activities dealt with topics like: Mary in the Bible, various apparitions of Mary, different forms of Marian devotions, Marian shrines in the world, etc.

Fr. Thomas the parish priest thanked and congratulated Frs. Rolvin and George who were the main organizers of the event and the Salesian cooperators of the parish who assisted them. The participants not only had a ball of a time but also learned a lot about Mother Mary which would eventually help them increase their devotion to her. The programme ended around 10.30pm with a sumptuous meal for all.

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