Monday, October 6, 2014


by Linus Nirmal

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, OCTOBER 6, 2014: On September 28, 2014, about sixty youth from five parishes of Nashik City; Holy Cross, St. Patrick's, St. Anne's, Sacred Heart and Don Bosco gathered at Don Bosco Church, Nashik. The Youth Director of Nashik Zone, Fr. Kishore Vidhate and Fr. Matthew Coutinho, from Divyadaan - Salesian Institute of Philosophy were welcomed by the youth with floral tributes.

 The programme began with great enthusiasm and fun, with Gospel Rock and a series of action songs. The resource person, Fr. Matthew Coutinho educated the youth about HUMAN SEXUALITY. He challenged them to see, that sexuality was a gift from God, that called for responsibility from them- human persons. Using real life situations and challenges from contemporary society he helped the youth to better understand this burning issue that every youth faced today. The youth had some time to pose their queries about relationships, sexual contact and physical interactions. Fr. Matthew answered every question and most importantly explained the difference between love and lust. The session concluded by challenging the youth to move from sexual bondage towards experiencing the purity of true love. 

The youth then participated in the Holy Eucharist which was celebrated by Fr. Kishore. The homily was preached by Fr. Bastin Thomas, Parish Priest of Don Bosco Parish. The Don Bosco Youth organized interesting games for the youth after mass. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm. The programme concluded after a delicious and sumptuous lunch. It was indeed a great day. The youth thanked Fr. Kishore, Fr. Bastin, Fr. Matthew and the Don Bosco Parish youth for organizing the event.

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