Friday, October 17, 2014


by Teacher Mahek Khan

NERUL-MUMBAI, OCTOBER 17, 2014: The Value education programme is simply a matter of developing appropriate behavior and habits involving inculcation of certain virtues and habits. In Dominic Savio Kindergarten the value education programme is presented through a stage programme where children present a value through a skit, song and dance.

An Assembly programme was presented by the students of Preparatory A, on Monday, October 13, 2014. This programme was organized by Tr. Mahek Khan for Pre-Primary students of Dominic Savio Kindergarten, Nerul in the Assembly Hall. The main objective of the programme was to inculcate in the students the value of avoiding water pollution and to learn the importance of marine life and water animals.

The theme was apt as per the syllabus and very well presented. The teachers felt the programme was well executed with creative ideas and it was an innovative programme. The children enjoyed the programme. The Fathers, teachers and parents appreciated the programme.

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