Friday, October 24, 2014


by Mrs. Valerie Mascaranhes

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, OCTOBER 22, 2014: The NECDBS(National Education Conference of Don Bosco schools) 2014 as centered upon the imbibing of creative visions of many to nurture new ideas and solutions, has been visualized as an essentiality. Rising from this core value is the need for brainstorming, discussion and dialogue among the Salesian Principals all over India on the key themes that have been expressed as pivotal.  This creates a need for facilitators who serve as catalytic agents to the process.

In view of this, a group of twenty-five able teachers went through a "Facilitator's training programme" conducted by the Adhyayan team on October 16, 2014 at Don Bosco Provincial house, Matunga. The training extended over a period of four hours and covered the following areas: Firstly, The use and role of social media (Twitter, Hash tags) and secondly, the role of the facilitator and building the requisite skills (channelizing, clarifying, reiterating, summarizing, documenting etc.). The session generated a lot of eager excitement and a growing confidence among the group to take on their humbling and crucial role at the NECDBS 2014.

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