Monday, October 27, 2014


by Cl. Ryan Lobo

JHABUA-MADHYA PRADESH, OCTOBER 27, 2014: On the th of October 25, 2014 eleven aspirants arrived with joy and enthusiasm at Don Bosco Jyoti Bhavan, Jhabua. They arrived there at 10:00 p.m. The day was well planned and organized by Fr. Pratap Damor. A small prayer service was organized by the aspirants in the chapel. This was followed by a snack break. Fr. Pratap then took a small session for the aspirants during which he spoke, on the importance of vocation and a few guidelines as to how one should move forward in religious life.

The focal point of the talk was the centrality of Christ and the fidelity and conviction one should have. He then gave them few instructions, that they would need to follow as aspirants. Later, Cl. Ryan shared a few incidents about his vocation and told them to be happy in whatever they did, be convinced about following Christ and remember to focus on prayer and study. The aspirants then had a delicious meal. Post lunch, a friendly football match was organized with the aspirants of the Diocesan seminary. The match was interesting with both the teams giving their best and playing hard. It ended in a draw.

After a little break the aspirants then asked for a basketball match among themselves (XI v/s XII Std). Here the XII Std proved that they were tough contenders. The match ended with a score of 34-22. Tiredas they were they were then served some snacks and hot tea. The aspirants then left for their homes and indeed, they were really thankful to God to help them relive their younger days back in Don Bosco Jyoti Bhavan hostel.

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