Thursday, November 13, 2014


by Cl. Jerome Aruldass Edison

DAKOR-GUJARAT, NOVEMBER 12, 2014: On November 6, 2014 the second day of the training camp for leaders began with a universal prayer that moved the students to kindle their conscience. Miss. Neetu Joshi vibrantly solicited a response to the question, 'what is the fundamental requirement of a leader?' She fervently trickled various responses to this query. Finally she dolled the answer to this quest saying, "Knowledge of his peoples strength, weaknesses whom she or he is going to govern in the present and in the future. Therefore it's a must for a leader to have the foreknowledge of the facts of the people before empowering them in the path of truth and righteousness." 

In the next session a powerful movie titled 'Pratighaat' was shown. The movie depicted a sense of competition among people, misuse of power, lack of dignity towards work, disrespect for elders, teachers and honest leaders, unqualified politicians who govern the country with the use of gundas, dacoits, poverty that kills the desire to fight injustice, neglection of the people to elicit the right leader for the nation, women harassment and exploitation and also, literates who become lame when it's a moment of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities against various discriminations.

The students spent some time in reflecting on the movie after which, they shared their thoughts. Miss. Neetu Joshi then presented a video on the speech delivered by Fr. Varghese Alengaden, the founder of Universal Solidarity Movement on 'Education's Language.' Fr. Varghese Alengaden began his speech with these words, "Is there hope in our youth today?" He unfurled the various problems that youngsters faced mentioning lack of self-confidence, Negativity which leads them to commit suicide though being highly educated and blessed with all the faculties, violence whereby they cause destruction, murder, rape, addiction, etc.

Fr. Varghese quoted our schooling should form Character Building to walk in the path of truth, strength of Will against all odds and expansion of mind to not get conditioned with small goals and dreams. He then presented the ratios and statistics of socio – political circumstances of the country and the upper class who govern the country with their influence of money. Fr. Varghese aimed at ingraining two qualities within every youngster to be leaders 

1] Sensitivity towards the dilemma in and around the nation.
2] Dream Big which doesn't limits ones abilities to mere profession or ambition rather in service to the whole world. 

 Miss. Neetu with the aid of these inspirations stirred the campers to give a speech based on factual discovery of truths after the two days of training. Everyone used this opportunity to express their learning's and aspirations.

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