Thursday, November 13, 2014


by Cl. Jerome Aruldass Edison

DAKOR-GUJARAT, NOVEMBER 12, 2014: The third day of the training camp commenced with the moment of universal prayer for peace. The sessions were based on 'Vision Formulation, Religiosity Vs Spirituality and Five Paths of USM.' Miss Neetu Joshi began with the question, "What is life?" After the students had shared their views, she explained that all these answers abounded from life experiences and formed a part of their personal response. She said, "life is the time between birth and death.' All of us are born as human beings but we don't become humane until we make effort to practice. Human being can either become God or perform unusual behaviors worse than animals."

She cited the examples of, Swami Vivekanand and Jesus, who became immortal legends, as their lives did not revolve round petty and selfish visions.
She posed three basic questions that leaders were to ask themselves, to be remembered after death;
a) What I should be remembered?
b) How many people should remember me?
c) How long should I be remembered? 

Miss. Neetu then asked them, to draw a symbol that signified the country, family and themselves. She said, "Visionary life is permeated by creativity, integration, deep experiences that lead to awareness, reflections which propels to conclusions. Repeated arrivals at same conclusion carve convictions to lead a vision filled life which is lasting, broad and inclusive. Chiefly we need to set goals and policies to attain our vision."

The next session focused on religiosity and spirituality. A movie titled, 'Dharam' was shown. "Today religion is commercialized and used as a tool to cause violence. It makes us insensitive in the name of religion. A paradigm shift from religiosity to spirituality is a must. Religiosity revolves around rituals, divisions, fundamentalism, and uniformity.  Spirituality gyrates around values, unity, scientific temper and pluralism. In our nation pluralism is not tolerance of diversity rather acceptance, appreciation and promotion of difference. Spirituality comes out of selfless love," commented Miss Neetu. 

Focusing on the Spiritual aspect she said, "The Universal Solidarity Movement offers five paths to become holistic and spiritual person.
1) Pray for daily peace to be an agent of peace and reconciliation.
2) Skip a meal a week to express solidarity with the poor.
3) Do a selfless deed to portray love for humanity.
4) Honor your parents, teachers and all human beings.
5) Respect the earth and its resources."
The programme came to its conclusion with a G.K quiz, that helped the participants to know more about the leaders, their lives and their visions.

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