Wednesday, November 19, 2014


by Cl. Jerome Aruldass Edison

DAKOR-GUJARAT, NOVEMBER 19, 2104: On November 10, 2014 the student leaders present for the Enlightened Leadership Camp focus on giving their best in whatever they did for the country. At the outset of session, a powerful movie on Bhagat Singh was televised to the students. The movie highlighted the patriotic fervor of Bhagat Singh not just as an adult but also as a child. 'He was commited to the cause of fighting the British and gain freedom for the country.

'He took active part in Non – Cooperation and Boycott Movement. Bhagat Singh was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. In truth he made a 'choice' not to be playful and childish but joined in saving the nation from slavery. He didn't understand the vision of Mahatma Gandhi when Gandhiji withdrew the Non – Cooperation Movement due to 'Chauri Chaura.' Thus, Bhagat Singh went on a new path to bring the British to the knowledge of India's freedom. 

He didn't wish but willed and hence he had great mental and moral strength to fight the difficulties in jail. He fasted for 55 days until the jail didn't provides good facilities to Indian prisoners. All the people began to support and express solidarity in favor of Bhagat Singh. He decided to be in jail and face difficulties for the sake of the nation. Bhagat Singh, Sukdev and Rajguru expressed complete joy and happiness in dying for the country.' 

The sixth day of the training was geared in strengthening the young students to become moral commandos who could save the country from the enemies within. The animator cited the example of the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai where the commandos fought against the terrorists for long 28 hours without food and rest. 'How did they manage to do that with a tremendous physical and mental strength? How was that possible for them?' She explained that it was tough training that made a difference.

A movie titled 'Prahar' was shown to the students to increase the a sense of patriotism and belongingness to the country and to protect it from inner enemies, rowdies, corrupt police officers and civil authorities who are hand in cloves with many politicians. 'What is difficult being a commando or a moral commando? Being a moral commando requires intense energy to be alert for 24 hours wherein one has to be ready for any predicament.

'In the movie, Major Chauhan is a commando trainer. After the death of Peter one of his trainee, he becomes a moral commando who induces respect, shuns looters and fights against ragamuffins and gundas who took his life. The training which Major had received transferred to his whole life. During the training, Peter realizes the power within him after a sharp remark by the Major for his cowardice to go home. Peter gets new strength to actively participate in every part of training. We should realize that menial answers come from menial attitudes. Immediately in a rescue operation Peter loses his legs and when he returns home he argues and fights against those who take vasooli from his father. The people don't support the Major who tries to take action. Yet he decides to go on as a moral commando with the people who would never support him until they see him in action.' 

'Those who practice self-discipline will rule the world with enormous wisdom gained from their training. The desire to be totally dedicated to save the world and to be a person who implies all the training received from home, schools and religions makes a moral commando who is fully committed to his vision to save the country and the world.'

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