Wednesday, November 19, 2014


by Shadab Barday

NERUL-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 19, 2014: 'A day of laughter, a day of fun, a day of being innocent' – Children's Day was celebrated with great fervour on November 14, 2014 at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul. The students indulged themselves in the several games that were put up by the teachers.

They were also given several coupons to serve their taste buds with chat, gola, kulfi etc. There was one free gift coupon offered to each student irrespective of winning any game or not. To add to the fun of the celebration, the clouds poured in rains of happiness, fun and chaos altogether. The game stalls closed and the eatables were immediately set up under the shade. Even though the programme went for a toss, the excitement of the students kept the celebration alive till the end. 'All is well that ends well!'

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