Wednesday, November 19, 2014


by  Swithin Moraes

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, NOVEMBER 19, 2014: The community of Divyadaan, Nashik celebrated Community Day 2014 on November 13, 2014. The three days preceding the event were a time of preparation with animated meditations, evening prayers, special matches and games. The theme of the celebration was: "We are therefore I am" and a community anthem was composed to celebrate the event by Cl. Dominic Ralte amalgamating seventeen languages spoken by the members of the community who hail from different parts of our culturally diverse nation - India. 

The day began in the presence of the Lord reflecting on the meaning of community, during which everyone was invited to share their personal experience of community living in Divyadaan and also to share the positive qualities of the confreres of the community. Various fun-filled activities during the day added colour to the feast.  The afternoon was marked with an hour of community sharing where the confreres recalled various humorous events from the past.  

The solemn Eucharistic celebration in the evening was a moment of deep communion in the presence of the Lord. Fr. Robert Pen, the Rector, while sharing his reflections on the theme, spoke on the importance of each person in the community. Using key lines from the community anthem he highlighted "one call, one mission, and one heart" – the essential ingredients that hold the community together. He invited every member of the community to see his life as a rose plant and exhorted all to water these delicate plants with sincere love and fraternal assistance helping all to bloom in the community.

The day concluded with a community get-together and solemn dinner. Games and dancing, skits and singing added zest to the gathering. The celebration of the community day enabled every member to realize that it was the bond of love that strengthened them in living their vocation with commitment. 'The community day maybe over but the task of building the fraternal and loving spirit that helps our vocational journey goes on.' 

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