Monday, December 15, 2014


by Ms. Pauline Vallado

MATUNGA-MUMBAI DECEMBER 15, 2014: On December 2, STD IX A of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, presented their class assembly and hosted Management Day. The theme of the assembly was the importance of the name which is given to us by our parents emphasizing the unalienable fact that "I am precious" because God made me. The students with their teacher made an attempt to denounce the use of hurtful nicknames and degrading ways of disrespecting one another that sometimes goes on in school. 

The moment of silent reflection on some thoughts highlighted the fact of each one of us being precious and at the end Fr. Wilfred the Rector and Fr. Bosco the Principal commended the class for a very timely and well presented message and reiterated the strong need to desist from this bad practice that is not acceptable in a Don Bosco institution.

This was followed by a crisp felicitation of the School Management for being the wind beneath our wings. After a few well prepared items, we read out a sincere, individual Thank You address to the three members of the Management.  There was a novel putting together a bouquet of flowers arranged right before our eyes that was then presented to them.

They were also presented with a pencil sketched portrait of themselves. Each teacher was given a bookmark with the meaning of his/her name.The afternoon was made enjoyable by the teachers who felicitated Fr. Wilfred, Fr. Bosco and Fr. Roy and then all were treated to a sumptuous meal.

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