Wednesday, January 21, 2015


by Fr. Cedrick Sankul

SAVEDI-AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 21, 2015: As an Annual event of the School, the Don Bosco Prathamik School, Savedi Ahmednagar celebrated its 24th Annual Day and Prize Distribution Ceremony on January 17, 2015. Since this year is the bi-centenary year of Don Bosco's birth, the theme for this year was "DON BOSCO'S SPIRITUALITY – HIS LOVING KINDNESS AND PROTECTION OF GIRL CHILD". 

The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Vaishali Deepak, the owner of Deepak Hospital, and Assistant professor at V. K. Patil Hospital Ahmednagar.  The Guest of honour was Dr. Jayant Pawar and his wife along with Fr. Manuel Murzello, the Rector and the Manager of the institution. The anchor of the programme was teacher Cecilia. Lot of parents were present and participated and helped for the same. 

The invitees were taken to the hall with Lezim by the students of std. III. The programme started with standard IV students singing a welcome song and a prayer dance, welcoming all present. Mrs. Shinde, the class teacher of std. II introduced and welcomed the Chief Guest, Guest's of honour and the members of management felicitating each one of them with a shawl and a coconut. During the prize distribution ceremony, the winners of the Annual Sports Day were given prizes. The students of standard III were awarded 'The best class of the year' along with their class teacher Sr. Tomboli Nabi.
For the Annual Day following items were staged. The Balwadi presented a dance on the beauty of a peacock. The students of standard I put a dance on rain, "Ago Bai, Dhago Bai', which was followed by a koli dance of standard II students.  The Head Mistress Mrs. Shilpa Vaijapurkar read annual report of activities conducted in school, which was followed by a skit on Don Bosco, a friend of youth who helped the young. The students of Std. III and std. IV presented a dance on Marathi songs.

In the speech given by the Chief Guest, Mrs. Vaishali Deepak spoke about the school being a Divine institution which was also realized by Don Bosco.  She also appreciated that lots of girls took part in the programmes of the annual day.  She also urged the parents and the students to give their 100% in everything that they do because every day is a new day. Dr. Jayant Pawar, the Guest of Honour, addressing the audience invited the students to respect their teachers and elders, and spoke about the discipline and cleanliness in the school.

Speaking to teachers he said that the teachers have got the noble duty to form the pearls that are under them, to be friendly with the students so that they could share their deepest desires with them and also to see the overall development of the students.  Fr. Manuel too spoke to the assembly about Don Bosco who is the Numus Uno (number one), "Don Bosco hamareliya hero number 1 hai". He also congratulated the P. T. A. Members for their involvement in the annual day programme and all through the year. The P.T. A. members took a very active part in the annual day celebration. 

At the end of the programme, Fr. Francis Fernandes was called up on the stage to cut the cake of his birthday which he celebrates on January 18.  This was followed by vote of thanks given by the Head Mistress after which 'Vande Mataram' song was sung.

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