Monday, February 16, 2015


by Gaston D'Costa

KURLA-MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 16, 2015: When you first hear the word "Mass Media", you immediately relate it to – glamour and a great work culture where you get to extend your college lifestyle at work. "As a professional from outside the media industry but with a strong interest in the field," said Gaston D'costa "I recently attended a very interesting event called DOMM LIFE and thought I would share my thoughts on the same."
DOMM's (Department of Mass Media at Don Bosco College, Kurla) recent event 'LIFE' decided to evaluate this glamorized industry of media and find out what the reality is and what are the industry expectations from this new generation of Media students. As any student or young professional will know, media is not just about the two specialisations offered by Mumbai University i.e. Advertising and Journalism. There are a whole range of industries, careers and job roles that open up to students of media. Ten industries and professionals were selected to present at this event. 

The opening seminar on 'Advertising' was a really good one where common myths about advertising were busted - whether it was the long hours and the low money or whether it was about how to "tell a beautiful lie". The speaker, Mr. Omkar Sane, was insightful and forthright in the realities and expectations of the industry. 

Other noteworthy sessions were on social media, writing, public relations, events, marketing and broadcasting. "The creative industries included photography, scripting and direction and music and while I originally wondered if these held any relevance to "media", I realised photography is used to "execute" the vision on the brand; scripting and direction is important to communicate what you want for your brand and audio/music livens your brand and makes long term associations for it." said Gaston.

The organisers for the event, Study Networks, really managed to capture the essence "no lectures, no homework, no exams, just the hard truth…" in this session. "Speaking to them," said Gaston "I realised that they cover a range of professions and conduct similar seminars across schools and colleges and I look forward to their next one." DOMM LIFE will be digitally broadcasting these sessions from Monday, 16 Feb 2015 and I do encourage you to log on and benefit from it as I did.

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