Wednesday, February 18, 2015


by Cl. Ryan

JHABUA-MADHYA PRADESH, FEBRUARY 18, 2015: On Monday, February 12, we as the community of Don Bosco Jyoti Bhavan, Jhabua bid farewell to the boys of standard X and XII residing in our hostel.  We are indeed glad and grateful to God as the first batch of standard XII passes out of Jyoti Bhavan this year after a closure of four years. The students were joyful and expressed their sadness as they were to leave the hostel. 

 In the evening, a football match was organized between the students of standards X and XII and with the best football players of the rest of the hostel including the staff. The boys of the X and XII defeated the hostel with the score of 2-0 in 45 minutes. The main highlight of the day was the Eucharistic celebration celebrated by Rev. Fr. Pratap. He spoke of the time spent in this house, remembering all the good as well as not so good experiences, and the times when we learnt some good things for life. 

The boys of standard IX, put up a hilarious skit followed by a farewell song by the students of standard XI A special dance was put up by the juniors of our hostel to show their love towards their senior. A PowerPoint presentation prepared by Bro. Ryan was shown that included the contribution that each member of the Don Bosco Jyoti Bhavan parivar. 

At the end of the programme, Fr. Royal gave a farewell talk to the boys wishing them good luck for their future. They were also assured that they were always welcomed to their alma mater, a place where they grew and build dreams for their future. "The doors of our parivar will be always open to welcome them in." The boys then gifted the house a new DVD player. We as a community wish them God's blessings and a successful future ahead.

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